Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some are mathematicians, some are carpenter's wives...


Wednesday morning was Career Day at Hoboken High School. In total, 27 professionals from Hoboken and the surrounding community shared their expertise and professional life stories with Hoboken High students for a 1 hour class period. Many professions were represented including medical doctor, lawyer, designer, National Guard, psychologist, international banking, performer, librarian, journalist, police, divorce mediator, banking, firefighter, acupuncturist, mathematician, entrepreneur, hair stylist, director/teacher, writer, property management, engineering, fundraiser, accountant, architect, merchandising, and interior design. Special thanks to Principal Lorraine Cella and Ms. Marie McCabe along with dozens of others who made this event today a wonderful learning experience for our students.

The format was different from the past. Previously, the event took place in the school gym and students moved from booth to booth meeting various professionals. This year, it was decided to use a "class period" format where students attended a session run by the professional with a district teacher in attendance in specific classrooms. Discussion already centered on expanding the format to multiple periods for next year.

Career Day was initiated at Hoboken High School by current Board of Education member Theresa Minutillo.

Picture: Principal Lorraine Cella (far left), Marie McCabe (front row center with white jacket) and some of the HHS staff and community professionals who participated in Career Day at Hoboken High School.

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