Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stated Session Oct 12 2010 Hoboken BOE Agenda- Planned Report on "Assured" Rise in Standardized Test Results Throughout the District

The following is the posted agenda of the October 12, 2010 Hoboken Board of Education agenda. Among some interesting items to be discussed will be the results of the 2009-2010 district standardized test scores.

The new curriculum was created specifically to align with State of New Jersey Curriculum Standards in all subject areas and designed to raise state test scores by 10%-15% yearly with effective implementation.

Why so many consultants and "interim" administrators would be hired by the Kids First majority while the new curriculum was knowingly "lain dormant" might appear to raise serious questions. Certainly a dormant curriculum implementation strategy would appear to be inconsistent with assurances of a rise in standardized test scores.

At the very least, it may be fair to question what a dozen extra consultants and administrators were doing if not implementing the new curriculum.

Stated Session Oct 12 2010 BOE Agenda

Picture: kindergarten at David E. Rue School in Hoboken (1963)