Monday, August 3, 2009

Meeting with District Administrators on Curriculum Implementation

On Monday, August 3 district administrators and supervisors met at the Brandt Professinal Development Center for a 2 hour meeting focusing on issues of curriculum implementation. Below is a list of topics that were discussed during the meeting. -Dr. Petrosino

August 3, 2009

“The focus will be on the curriculum—implementation, PD for the year, use of the curriculum committee, nuts and bolts and connection of the work to the supervision process”

I. Implementation Plan
a. Preparation (remainder of August)- gain familiarity with the curriculum
b. First Day- utilization of Curriculum Committee
c. First Month- Establishing Best Practices; observations
d. First Semester- District Assessments, feedback loops, reflection/revision
e. First Year- District Assessments, feedback loops, reflection/revision

II. Professional Development for the 2009-2010 School Year
a. ASCD (Understanding by Design)
b. Tools of the Mind (K)
c. LitLife (Grades 1-5)
d. See memo from J. Lopez

III. Nuts and Bolts
a. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)- helpful?
b. Actual Curriculum (L-Drive, CD’s, Hard Copies)

IV. What Resources Can you Expect?
a. Curriculum Mapping
b. Big Idea for each unit
c. PYP Planners for Grades 1-5
d. MYP Planners for Grades 6-10
e. MYP Planners for Grades 11, 12
f. Assessments for each grade each discipline (QSAC requirement)
g. Tools to help Monitor Progress*
h. Updated CD (updated from 6/2009)
i. Hard Copies (by discipline, by grade?)
Picture: Clock Towers, Hoboken, NJ

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