Sunday, May 31, 2009

Theater and Music Curriculum Update

Mr. Jared Ramos and Ms. Stephanie Safko will be working the next few weeks to complete the final aspects of the Arts and Music curriculum. A rough outline of their timetable is to complete K-1 between 5/22-5/25, Grades 2-3 (5/29-6/1), and Grades 4-5 (6/5-6/8).  The entire curriculum will be ready for review for the summer session.
Experience with and knowledge of the arts is a vital part of a complete education. The arts are rich disciplines that include a vibrant history, an exemplary body of work to study, and compelling cultural traditions. An education in the arts is an essential part of the academic curriculum for the achievement of human, social, and economic growth. The education of our students in the disciplines of dance, music, theater, and visual art is critical to their personal success and to the success of New Jersey as we move into the twenty-first century. The arts offer tools for development. They enable personal, intellectual, and social development for each individual. Teaching in and through the arts within the context of the total school curriculum, especially during the formative years of an elementary K-6 education, is key to maximizing the benefits of the arts in education.

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