Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Bank Primary School Visit- Tools of the Mind

Over a dozen members of the Hoboken School District visited Red Bank Primary School in Red Bank, NJ today for a visit of the school's implementation of the Tools of the Mind PK-K curriculum. This was a follow-up to the March 4th visit (see post). Amy Hornbeck, coordinator of the Red Bank program, was on hand to lead visits to numerous PK and K classrooms as well as lead a Question and Answer period for principals and teachers following the classroom observations. Tools of the Mind is a research-based early childhood program that builds strong foundations for school success in preschool and kindergarten children by promoting their intentional and self-regulated learning. In a series of rigorous experimental trials, Tools of the Mind has been shown to have a significant impact on self-regulation of preschool children. The studies also found these gains in self-regulation to be related to scores in child achievement in early literacy and mathematics.

The Hoboken School District is currently assessing the viability of adopting the Tools of the Mind program to address the issue of self regulation among our youngest students in addition to streamlining the transition between the district's Pre K and Kindergarten programs. A decision will be made shortly.

A growing body of research indicates that many children start school not ready to learn not because they do not know their letters or numbers but because they lack one critical ability: the ability to regulate their social, emotional, and cognitive behaviors. Current research shows that self-regulation – often called executive function -- has a stronger association with academic achievement than IQ or entry-level reading or math skills.

District participants included:

Linda Erbe- Principal Connors
Elizabeth Falco-Principal Brandt
Susan Imorz- 21st Century
Jill Littzi- Kindergarten
Romy Marchesani-Kindergarten
Paula Ohaus- Arts
Linda Palumbo- Principal Calabro
Jessica Peters-Supervisor of Early Childhood
Dr. Anthony Petrosino- Asst. to Superintendent
Elizabeth Schwartz-2nd Grade
AnnaMaria Simone-Kindergarten
Katrina Sturdivant-Kindergarten
Charles Tortorella-Principal Wallace

For more information on Tools of the Mind visit: