Thursday, April 14, 2016

2015 High School Graduation Rate- State of New Jersey and Hoboken School District

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picture: L. DiBrango

The State of New Jersey introduced a new graduation rate calculation in 2011 to determine rates for schools and districts. Through NJ SMART, the State’s longitudinal student data warehouse, the 4-year adjusted cohort graduation rate calculation is used to derive the graduation rates of students across the state.

The adjusted cohort formula essentially divides the number of 4-year graduates (i.e., those students receiving a diploma) by the number of first-time ninth graders who entered the cohort four years earlier.

The 2015 statewide high school graduate rate is 89.67. The 2015 districtwide high school graduation for the Hoboken Public Schools is 83.3.

Under the joint leadership of the Kids First/Reach Higher Hoboken majority on the Board of Education, Hoboken High School has yet to have a graduate rate above the NJ state average.

Chart 1 compares Hoboken with the state average as well as some comparable districts in Hudson County in terms of enrollment size. Full data can be obtained on the New Jersey Department of Education website.

Chart 1

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