Monday, May 12, 2014

Hola Dual Language Spanish Program Designated as a Model Program by the State of New Jersey

An HoLa teacher begins small group work
with her kindergarteners.
On April 7, 2014 the Hola Dual Language Spanish Program was designated as a model program for the 2014-16 period by the New Jersey Supervisors of World Languages Model Programs Initiative. The recognition highlights and acknowledges some of the best aspects of charter school legislation-- that is serving as a model for instructional innovation and responsiveness to community demand. Hola is only in its 4th year of operation but already the school seems to have acquired widespread community support and is now receiving some independent and outside verification for providing a quality curriculum for students attending the school.

According to the award letter, as model program Hola will serve as a resource for many other schools wishing to implement a dual language curriculum:

As a model program district, the school will serve as a resource for other school districts in the northern region and neighboring areas and will enable educators to witness firsthand examplary practices in world languages instruction and assessment. It will also enable administrators and teachers to dialog about issues of mutual concern, the discuss the potential for future collaboration regarding curriculum development projects, or professional development initiatives. -NJ Dept. of Education 

Recently, Hola's charter was renewed by the New Jersey Department of Education and its application to expand to the 8th grade was also approved by the same entity. The school has a 200+ long waiting list.