Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Special Mid Week Noontime Hoboken Board of Education Meeting on Violence and Harassment: June 5, 2013

Hoboken, County, and State Comparisons on Violence
and Vandalism Reports
There is a special Hoboken Board of Education meeting set for Wednesday afternoon at noon at A. J. Demarest School. The topic centers on harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Under the Kids First political group's leadership, harassment, intimidation, and bullying has been a little reported or discussed issue  (see graph to for comparison data). 
For instance, according to the latest New Jersey Violence and Vandalism Reports (released Summer 2012), the Hoboken Schools have more violent incidents per capita than Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, or Patterson. And you can easily see how Hoboken compares with Hudson County and State of NJ averages. 

The 2011-2012 Commissioner’s Annual Report to the Education Committee of the Senate and General Assembly on Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Schools was released in 2012 by Commissioner Christopher D. Cerf. The report indicates that total incidents of self-reported occurrences of violence, vandalism, weapons, substance abuse, and bullying in the Hoboken City District are 320% above the Hudson County average and 210% above the State of New Jersey average. 

Except for the small East Newark School district (total student pop. 229), the Hoboken public schools have the highest number of incidents per student in Hudson County (4.05 incidents per 100 students). The Hudson County average is 1.3 incidents per 100 students. No other school district in Hudson County surpasses 2.4 incidents per 100 students. Hoboken schools make up 2.19% of Hudson County's public school population yet account for 7% of the total incidents reported countywide. Much more than proportional expectations. 

Around the state, Atlantic City (2.13), Camden (1.6), Newark (.9), and Paterson (1.0) school districts reported less incidents per 100 students than Hoboken while Asbury Park (10.13) reported significantly higher. On a somewhat positive note, bullying accounted for less of a percentage of total incidents in Hoboken (21.4%) than in Hudson County (36.1%) and statewide (46.0%). Hudson County Vocational School had the least number of incidents in Hudson County with .07 incidents per 100 students.