Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HHS Drops to Bottom 50 Public Schools in State Rankings- Analysis Indicates Poor Leadership Largely Accountable not Teachers or Students

Hoboken Patch is reporting disturbing news about Hoboken High School. It appears that Hoboken High School is now ranked among the bottom 50 high schools in the State of New Jersey (according to NJ Monthly there are 328 high schools in the State of New Jersey).

In 2008 HHS was ranked 139th in the State of NJ (and awarded "2nd Most Improved HS in NJ by NJ Monthly). In 2010 it was ranked 187th. And now, in 2012 it is ranked 298th.

This accelerated decline cannot be due to the students or the teachers. In my opinion, this rapid decline is largely related to the political group known as Kids First and their policies and leadership of the Hoboken Board of Education. You will recall Kids First is led by Trustees Theresa Minutillo, Ruth McAllister, Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and others. Since they have been on the Board, there has been a revolving door of administrators and interims with none or little history or stake in the community throughout the entire school system (recall, the Hoboken School District in Nov 2011 was classified as a "District in Need of Improvement" for the first time in its history).

Last year the Kids First led Board of Education hired a first year principal at Hoboken High who followed a retired interim principal of 2 years (part of Interim Superintendent Carter's "dream team") and who recently announced she was leaving the school for another opportunity. All told Hoboken High School will have 5 or more principals or interim principals in 5 years. The children and young adults of Hoboken are literally being denied their life opportunities at this point.

Please see attachment for the full 2012 New Jersey Monthly Rankings.

I will write a more detailed account of this soon.

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