Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday U Orientation

On Saturday, January 10 a parent-student-teacher orientation was held in the cafeteria of Hoboken High School for the 2009 Saturday U Program. The program included a welcome breakfast followed by a basic introduction of the program by Mr. Gary Enrico, some words by Dr. Petrosino, an introduction of the teachers who also offered a short description/summary of their planned courses, and a question and answer period open to all in attendance. Classes begin on Saturday, January 17 and will continue until Saturday May 30. This year there will be be three new course (Animation, Geography, and Etymology) as well as a major revision to the Computer Science course. As in the past, all classes will be held at Hoboken High School and will be fully integrated with students from Calabro, Connors, and Wallace Schools. 

For an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about State Mandated Gifted and Talented Services click here.  

For the Official State of New Jersey Department of Education's Gifted and Talented Requirements please click here

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