Monday, July 24, 2017

After 3 Years and Hundreds of Thousands of Tax Payer Dollars-- Hoboken Board of Education's Lawsuit Against HoLa’s Expansion to 8th Grade is Finally Over

HoLa Dual Language School- Hoboken Now file photo
Dear HoLa Community,

I’m writing to let you know that last week marked a deadline for the Hoboken Board of Education to file a petition to the state Supreme Court in the HoLa case. The deadline came and went and the Hoboken BOE did not make any filings or formal comments.

This means that the lawsuit against HoLa’s expansion to 8th grade, which started over three years ago, is finally over.

THANK YOU for  all of the advocacy you did in the past several weeks since the favorable Appellate Court ruling. The statements of support that you were able to get for us from elected officials surely contributed to the Hoboken BOE’s decision to finally put this conflict to an end and not proceed to the state’s Supreme Court.  Additionally,  thank you to the many, many families who helped us during this three year journey in various ways.  We did this together!

Thank you,

Barbara Martinez
Board President