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Under Kids First and Kids First legacy Majority Leadership- Hoboken High School Graduation Rate Falls Below NJ State Average for 6th Consecutive Year- 2016 Graduation Rates for All Hudson County's Public High Schools

For the sixth consecutive year the Hoboken Public Schools under the Kids First and Kids First legacy Board leadership (i.e. "Forward Together") produced a high graduation rate below the New Jersey state average.

NJ.COM is reporting that three Hudson County public high schools -- McNair Academic, Infinity Institute and Liberty -- had perfect graduation rates last year, according to data released on January 12, 2017 by the NJ state Department of Education (DOE).

Research shows that low graduation rates correlate with dropping out of high school which has documented impacts on income, incarceration, single motherhood, and public resources (see IN DEPTH section at end of this article). 
For the sixth consecutive year under Kids First and Kids First legacy district leadership, the Hoboken School District (HHS) recorded a high school graduation rate below the NJ state average. This coincides with concurrent failure over the same time period in the QSAC DPR in Instruction and Program, elevated rates of violence and vandalism compared to county and state averages, multiple school and district configurations, and very low scores on the PARCC exams. Further analysis of the 2016 High School graduation data (see Figure 1) indicates an 83.3 graduation rate for economically disadvantaged students at Hoboken High School .

Figure 1: 2016 Hoboken High School Graduation Rates-Dissagregated
NJDOE website for High School Graduation Rate: CLICK HERE 
The state average graduation rate is 90.1 percent, up from 89.7 last year, NJDOE officials said.
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Snyder High, which has the lowest graduation rate in the county and saw a dip in graduation success -- from 56 percent in 2015 to 50 percent this past school year, according to the DOE statistics.

Here are the graduation percentage rates for public high schools in Hudson County for the 2015-16 school year:
School                     %
**Academic McNair   100
**Infinity Institute       100
**Liberty                    100
*High Tech                 99
*County Prep             99
Harrison                     95
Secaucus                   94
NJ State Avg             90.1
Kearny                       90
Weehawken               90
Bayonne                    86
Hoboken                   86

Hoboken                   83.33 (economically disadvantaged rate) 
North Bergen             83
Memorial                   83
Union City                 80
**Dickinson               78
Jersey City                75 
**Ferris                     75
**Lincoln                   69
**Snyder                   51
* -- High Tech and County Prep are part of the Hudson County Schools of Technology, which include a number of academies. The graduation rate for the HCST district is 93 percent.
** -- These schools make up the Jersey City district high schools. The graduation rate for the entire district is 75 percent.

Income- Perhaps the most widely discussed consequence of not finishing high school is its impact on income potential. Students who drop out of high school earn significantly less than their peers who graduated from high school.

Incarceration- Dropouts are also more likely to be incarcerated in prison. According to a study by the Center for Labor Market Studies, high school dropouts are more than 63 times more likely to be incarcerated than four-year college graduates and more than six times more likely to be incarcerated than those with only a high school diploma. 

Single Motherhood- Single motherhood is both a cause and a consequence of not finishing high school. Among women aged 16 to 24, high school dropouts were the group most likely to be single mothers, with 22.6 percent of this group being single mothers.

Public Resources- Because high school dropouts earn less income, are more likely to be incarcerated and become single mothers at disproportionate rates, they use more public resources. According to a study by the Alliance for Excellent Education, increasing the male high school completion rate by just 5 percent would save the nation $4.9 billion in crime-related expenses. Likewise, if all students graduated, incomes would increase, and reliance on a program like Medicare would be reduced enough to save the nation $17 billion.

2016 State HS Graduation Rate: 90.1%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 86.0%
2015 State HS Graduation Rate: 89.67%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 83.33%
2014 State HS Graduation Rate: 88.6%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 86.78%
2013 State HS Graduation Rate: 87.5%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 85.43%
2012 State HS Graduation Rate: 86.46%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 74.53%
2011 State HS Graduation Rate: 83.17%; Hoboken Graduation Rate: 81.99%

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