Sunday, October 30, 2016

Under "Kids First/Forward Together" Leadership Hoboken School District's 2014-15 Algebra II PARCC Scores Lowest in All FG District Factor Groups in New Jersey

Figure 1: 2014-15 NJ PARCC Algebra II Scores by District Factor Group 
Algebra is frequently called the gatekeeper subject. It is used by professionals ranging from electricians to architects to computer scientists. It is no less than a civil right, says Robert Moses, founder of the Algebra Project, which advocates for math literacy in public schools as a civil right.  To see how the Hoboken School District scored in Algebra I please CLICK HERE

To hear the rhetoric of "great progress", one would expect that Algebra II scores are doing reasonably well. Especially since back in 2012 the Kids First/Forward Together Board members approved an Algebra II curriculum: 

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Click to see full Board Agenda for October 2012

 So how is the Hoboken School District doing in Algebra II when compared to other New Jersey schools with similar characteristics ("FG" district factor group) on standardized Algebra II PARCC scores? 

Unfortunately, under the Kids First/Forward Together Board leadership, the Hoboken School District recorded the lowest scores in the district factor group (DFG) in 2014-15. New Jersey designates every school district by a distract factor. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J. There are 92 public school districts in New Jersey designated “FG” including the Hoboken School District.  

District factor groups in New Jersey are based on the following socioeconomic criteria: 1) Percent of adults with no high school diploma, 2) Percent of adults with some college education, 3) Occupational status, 4) Unemployment rate, 5) Percent of individuals in poverty, 6) Median family income.

Even when taking into account ALL 6 of these socioeconomic factors, the Hoboken School District scored lowest in the State of New Jersey on the 2014-15 Algebra II PARCC assessment. Echoing the words of former Board of Education trustee and Kids First political group member back in 2007 (when it was evidently more acceptable to question, criticize, and challenge Board members, superintendents and teachers)... "we are failing our children."