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6 Year Linear Trend of Per pupil costs of Educating Students in Hoboken's Charter Schools is Less than $13,000...and Dropping

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Recent analysis indicates that the Hoboken Charter Schools are very efficient at utilizing the money they receive spending much less than $13,000 per student based on 6 year linear trend data*. The chart below shows clearly that as funding has increased per pupil spending has dropped. Why? This is do mainly to increased enrollment as well as some economy of scale related to staffing and resource utilization.

The dotted lines (blue dotted line---per pupil costs; yellow dotted line-- funding for Hoboken charter schools) represent longitudinal TREND lines over 6 years. That allows us to make much more substantial statements than year to year statements. The yellow dotted line goes up because enrollment is going up BUT the value added for the state is that there is great efficiency (lower per pupil costs) as we move forward. The TREND lines are going in OPPOSITE directions. The bump in 2010-11 is the advent of the Hola Dual Language School.

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Total funding vs per pupil costs 

With this graph we can see clearly that growth is NOT exponential growth as the district would like people to believe (a RIDICULOUS statement mathematically) AND charters per pupil costs are indicating great efficiency (educating more students, at a high degree of quality, for less and less money over time).

Funding vs. Enrollment- Hoboken Charter School 2009-2014

The chart presents a fairly clear indication of increased efficiency over time as well as value added should the trends play out over the next couple of years. In essence, as charter schools educate more students in Hoboken, they do so with greater financial efficiency and without compromising quality (some would argue INCREASED quality). Notice, per pupil spending actually GOES DOWN as the funding for charter schools goes up--- greater efficiency. 

*Depending on how your calculations, per pupil costs in the traditional Hoboken Public Schools ranges from $24,000 to almost $30,000

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