Monday, May 11, 2015

Hoboken Public Schools Score 45% on 2014 QSAC DPR in Instruction and Program- 4th Consecutive Year of Failing Scores During Kids First Era

June 16, 2014 NJDOE Placement Letter
A regular reader of this blog recently asked me to comment on the June, 2014 QSAC DPR in Instruction and Program for the Hoboken School District. They asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal which I will honor. -Dr. Petrosino

On June 16, 2014 the Hoboken School District received their Placement letter for the 2014-2015 Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) district performance review (DPR) from Robert L. Bumpus, the Acting Assistant Commissioner for the New Jersey Department of Education.

The failing score of 45% in Instruction and Program (arguably the most important DPR) is the fourth consecutive year of failure to meet the state's 80% criteria for the Instruction and Program DPR. The failure continues despite the district submitting yearly improvement plans outlining how they intend to pass the QSAC Instruction and Program DPR.

It is important to realize that in early 2010 the district received a score of 87% on the Instruction and Program DPR. That was the first QSAC assessment AFTER the completion of the Hoboken Curriculum Project which was voted on and approved by the Hoboken Board of Education in December of 2009 (the project included a new PreK-12 curriculum, full curriculum mapping, district assessments, and implementation plan).

The 87% was a achieved using the same teachers and similar population of students in the district today. So, it is reasonable to assume that the issue is not the teachers nor is the issue the students.

Under the political group known as Kids First and their Board of Education majority leadership, the Board's Curriculum Committee leadership of Ms. Ruth McAllister,  and the district leadership of Superintendents Peter Carter, Walter Rusak, and Mark Toback the score in Instruction and Program have fallen dramatically. This despite constant declarations of how much the Hoboken schools have improved under their leadership.

The QSAC DPR in Instruction and Program for 2015 were recently reported at a public meeting. Once we receive the official report from the NJDOE, we will comment. A preliminary account by the Hoboken Reporter indicates that while the Instruction and Program DPR has risen over the past year, it is still below criteria the State of New Jersey 's Dept. Of Education considers passing.