Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hoboken School District- Analysis of 2012-13 Violence and Vandalism Report Data vs Hudson County School Districts

Data: NJ Department of Education
Summary: Hoboken reported a student population of 1706 students for the 2012-13 school year and Hudson County had a composite student population of 80,170 students. This means Hoboken made up about 2.13% of the county public school population. Therefore we would expect the corresponding percentages reported to be about the same-- meaning Hoboken would account for about 2.13% of the reported incidents of Violence, Vandalism, Weapons, Substance, and HIB (bullying). 

In actuality, Hoboken's share of Violence is 12.58% (nearly 6X higher than expected based on enrollment alone); Hoboken's share of Vandalism is 12.16% instead of the expected 2.13% (5.7X higher than expected). Hoboken's share of Weapons is 9.43% (4.4X higher than expected), Hoboken's share of Substances is 5.3% (2.5X higher than expected), Hoboken's share of HIB is 5.15% (2.4X higher than expected) and in total, while Hoboken accounts for 2.13% of the Hudson County enrollment for 2012-2013, it accounted for 9% of all reported incidents on the Violence and Vandalism Report (4.2X higher than expected). 

Looked at in another way, there were .96 Violence and Vandalism incidents reported per 100 students in Hudson County in 2012-2013 (a little less than 1 incident per 100 students). Hoboken's average was 4.04 incidents per 100 students. This is 4X the Hudson County rate and was the highest incident rate per 100 students for any district in Hudson County.

2012-2013 Violence and Vandalism Data- NJDOE 
But perhaps this was simply a one year aberration?-- that seems to be what some people would like to think given the comments on some recent posts on various local blogs. Unfortunately, the data does not really support this conjecture. An analysis of 4 years worth of data (2009-10 to 2012-13) indicate clearly that the Hoboken School District has consistently and significantly reported higher incidents per 100 students in terms of Violence and Vandalism reports than both county and state averages. These Violence and Vandalism rates have occurred under the Board leadership of the political group known as Kids First and the administrations of Superintendents Carter and Toback. I will expand on this in an upcoming post and compare Hoboken to other districts throughout the State of New Jersey. 


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