Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ecosystem in a Bottle Lesson - TerrAqua Investigation Column

Ecosystems in a Bottle
The following is a activity conducted with pre-service teachers in Elementary Science. The activity revolves around the creating and subsequent monitoring of a dual ecosystem. This activity has been very successful in class and has provided many opportunities to point out to pre-service teachers issues of inquiry, observation, data recording, interdependence, sustainability, photosynthesis, water cycle, and other science process and content areas. 

As an additional activity students have been asked to keep a blog on their weekly observations. These blogs have allowed for multimedia, descriptions, drawings, and opportunities to share their observations with colleagues, practicing teachers, mentors, students, and to be a part of their permanent "teaching portfolio." 

Topic: Ecosystem Dynamics 
Learning Objective: Students experience the fragile balance of an ecosystem, how different components interact, and how different inputs impact the system. 
Exploration Phase: 
Hands-on Activity: Build a TerrAqua investigation column, fill it with soil, plants and water, and observe and record changes over time (Materials and procedure below). 
Exploration through Media: Video 
Introduction the Ecosystem Services Review: 
Concept Development Phase: Concepts to be taught: Ecosystem dynamics, systems thinking, human impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity, energy flow in an ecosystem, pollution and waste, recycling/reuse, and ecosystem services. 
Procedures to be taught: Inquiry, experimental design, monitoring a dynamic system through careful observation, and detailed data recording 

Blogs on the Dual Ecosystems  (DC and NM ) (JM, AS, NA, MB) (Ana, Marysela and Claudia) (AH, Holy) (BG) (KI, Melissa)



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Regarding the 4/4 post. What is the cost per pupil when there are two classes with only 18 kids? Would be more cost efficient for 18 kids to be in one class.

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Not sure I know what you are talking about. Sorry.