Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Newark Star Ledger- Best High Schools- An Exclusive Ranking of Districts (Hudson County data)

September 2013 issue
A number of people have emailed be requesting specific data for high schools in Hudson County based on the recent high school rankings by the Star Ledger. The "2012 Score" is a combination of SAT score and High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA). Here is the data and rankings for Hudson County High Schools as reported by the Newark Star Ledger along with the following explanation for grades given by the Newark Star Ledger: 

A- Schools above average to excellent. Many are great schools with scores that have remained high 
B- Schools rising to the top. Test scores as well as academic growth are above average
C- Schools to keep your eye on. Through test scores are below average, academic growth has risen, in some cases dramatically
D- Parents beware of these schools. Test scores are below average, and there is little academic growth

Hudson County2012 Score Grade Home Value
McNair HS392.8B$353,000
High Tech HS349A$374,000
County Prep HS325.2A$374,000
Secaucus HS311.8C$441,700
Weehawken HS310D$536,200
Bayonne HS300.5C$350,800
Kearny HS292.1C$358,400
North Bergen HS289D$354,800
Harrison HS288.3C$363,300
Memorial HS275.9C$363,000
Liberty HS270.3C$363,300
Dickinson HS268.9C$353,000
Ferris HS242.8C$353,000
Lincoln HS238.8C$353,000
Academy HS237.5C$353,000
Hoboken HS235.3D$567,700
Synder HS222.5C$353,000