Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Community shows strong support for Ohaus - Local Television Media adds coverage

The Board of Education election cycle started on Tuesday evening when a packed crowd showed its support for two popular teachers fighting to keep their jobs. Regardless, the Hoboken Board of Education approved a measure that could cost theater director Paula Ohaus and Johns Hopkins Program head Cheng Yen Hillenbrand their positions.

According to Hoboken Patch, the board extended the deadline for School Superintendent Mark Toback to notify non-tenured teachers that their contracts will not be renewed, from April 30 to May 15. Otherwise, it would be too late legally for him to give the required notice to Ohaus, Hillenbrand and four other unidentified teachers who may also lose their jobs.

The Board voted 5-4 to change the notification date, during a heated and emotional School Board meeting. The meeting was literally out of control.

As part of the reorganization, R. Markle and R. McAllister were elected President and Vice-President respectively.

Read how the local blogs reported the evening as well as New York City television: