Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoboken Public School RFP (Request for Proposals) For Superintendent Search

This advertisement is currently running in the Newark Star Ledger. It is NOT an ad for the Superintendent of Schools but rather it is an ad for an entity to conduct the search for the Superintendent of Schools for Hoboken. Recall, last year the Board of Education hired the New Jersey School Boards Association to conduct the search. Evidently, the Hoboken Board of Education majority wants to hire a different firm or at least put an RFP (request for proposals) for someone to conduct the search. Let's see when the RFP's come in- might be worth a look at who applied. -Dr. Petrosino

HOBOKEN PUBLIC SCHOOL RFP FOR SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH The Hoboken Board of Education is seeking proposals from professional firms to assist the board in their search for a Superintendent of Schools. The RFP document can be secured from the Office of the Board Secretary, 1115 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 or by calling 201-356-3611. Detailed information about the Hoboken Public Schools can be found on the district’s web site at The proposals should include the firm’s role in the following: the establishment of criteria, advertised search, screening of applicants, candidate interviews, final selection, contract negotiations and public input. Prior experience in New Jersey superintendent searches is desirable.
Source:The Star-Ledger Employment AdsEmployer:
Hoboken Board of Education
Location:Hoboken, NJ United StatesLast Updated:05/15/2010