Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hoboken Reunion

The term nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often in idealized form. The word is made up of two roots ( nostos "returning home", and algos "pain"), to refer to "the pain a person feels because s/he wishes to return to his native home, and fears never to see it again". ... nonetheless, I find this list provided by the site Hoboken Reunion to be quite exhaustive and interesting. 

Old Blue Eyes - 8th & Garden Street, The Fabian, Rialto, & U.S. Movie Theatres, "The Tubes", Woolworths, The 14th. St Diner, The smell of coffee from Maxwell House, Jitney Buses, Christmas lights across Washington St., The Yum-Yum Yum Man, St. Ann's Feast, The Union Club and St. Michael's Dances,The ''Y" Dances and Demarest Dances, OLG Dances, St. Joe's Boys Club, Hobo's Club, Black Hawks Club

The loud speakers on every corner announcing "NO SCHOOL" due to snow, DOUBLE PARKING, Mayor Grogan and Jerry Malloy, Mickey Finn, Demarest High - Our Lady of Grace, Jeanette's, Joe Bier's Rolls, Moritz Bakery, Schoening's crumb cake, Gustoso's Bread, Abels - Leo's Pizza, The Chatterbox, The Grand Hotel, Myers Hotel, Parking at Steven's Tech, Umlands, Blue Point, Kramers Jewelers
JACK-O-DINES, Johnny on the Pony, Open fire hydrants on warm days, Campus Music Shop, Father Jack, US Steel - US Testing, Wonder Bread & Hostess Factory - Standard Brands - MY-T-FINE, Christmas Carols played over the loud speaker on Christmas Eve, Little Jimmy's Chinese Rest. on Hudson Street,Elysian Field, Tootsie Roll Factory, Town Lunch - Gold Ice Cream Parlor, Holland American Lines - Ferguson Propellers
Angelo Scalzo feeding the prisoners in Hoboken for over 25 years, Fire Chief Carmody making oxtail soup at Scalzo's on Saturdays, 4 Star Chinese (where you could get rice and gravy or a triple decker cheeseburger) on 1st and Washington, The first Blimpe Base on 6th & Washington, On the Waterfront, Buying clams on the street corner downtown, Mr. Pizza making prom gowns, John's Bargain Store
Dances in the park, Umlands Soft Ice Cream, The Rag A Muffin Parade & The Spaghetti Festival, The Modern Restaurant, Hoboken-AC, Sled riding down Murder Hill on 9th & Hudson, Stick ball on 9th & Hudson, The White Poodle in People's Studio, The Clam Broth House, Blackouts & Air Raids, Hanging out at Franklins, Leo Kiely pitching for the Red Soxs, Driving to Callahan's for hot dogs, Friendship Rings
Walking down the viaduct after football games, John's Bargain Store, Nellie's Deli and Muller's Deli 4th & Bloomfield, The Copper Kettle  & Golds Ice Cream Parlor, Crabbing from the 14th street piers, Lipton Tea Company, Greenies by the 10th street park, Playing OUTSIDE until our parents called us in for dinner!!!!!, Just plain sitting on the stoop, The "REC", Hans Jesse Bakery, Bowling at the Elks

Being lowered into sewers to get a pink "high  bouncer ", Dressing up for Halloween, Billy Kunkle and Johnny Kucks pitching for the Yankees, John Romano, who played for the Cleveland Indians in 1961- 1962 !!! , 
The Royal Restaurant ( next to Schoening's ), Biggies, Stan's sport's center, Gardner's (4th & Washington St ), Sorkin's, Dairy Queen ( 3rd & Bloomfield ), Queen's Dept. Sore, "Yankee Bob" riding his bike, playing fly's up and ring-a-lario
School cooking classes at Public Service Electric Bldg. at 6th  and Washington Street next to the A&P, Muser's Delicatessen, Uptown Cafe, Dukes Drug Store, Zepps Candy Store, John's grocery Store, Ralphs Vegetable Store  Ralphs  Butcher Shop and Fred's Delicatessen At 10th and Willow Ave, Cobblestone streets downtown on 5th & Jackson
12th & Willow Police Sub-Station and the "Recreation Hall" above it, Grube's Diner and Mr. Phillip's candy store, Lucy's Candy store ( The best Charlotte Rouge's!) next to St. Francis, making out on River Road (Sinatra Dr.), Castle Point, Castle Point Diner, man with the fish cart yelling "A TRIPE", Mr. Softee, Mojica Taxi, Lalli's Men Store, C.H. Martin, Fabco Shoe Store
Kay's Pharmacy at Third & Washington, Stevens Forum on Garden St., The pencil factory at Fifth and Willow, Mr. Albini and his drugstore, roasting "Hot Mickies", Schnackies on 11th and Washington, Artie Stover, Chasen's Card Store, The showers at the Firehouse on 8th & Clinton, The Fuller Brush Man, The PAL on 6th & Park, The little house in Willow Terrace, Jackie McMullan playing football for Notre Dame
Potato Chips from Lizzy's Candy Store, The "Lincoln Hotel", getting home before the light's went on, "hopsies" the rubber heel from the shoemaker, Tony's Candy Store on 6th & Willow, Stemples Drug Store, The HUB dances, Going "Begging" on Thanksgiving, and who can forget The Blue Point
The Rolls Royce ice cream truck,  the model train display at Christmas time in the window of Beacon Auto Supply on the corner of 6th and Washington St, Stick ball games (one bounce pitch) on the Demarest sidewalk. Three on three basketball games on the new courts in Church Square park. Pop's Candy store on 5th and Park
Mickey Finn's Depart. Store-The Blue Clock on 5th & Wash. Street- The man Juan who sold jelly apples on 3rd &  Madison, Zazzarini the peddler
Stickball in Wallace school yard; (against the wall) or "fast pitch" on 12th & Hudson at "tea pack to Bethlehem Steel", "on-a-bounce" at Demarest or "long ways" on 12th & Hudson east side, but NOT on 9th & Hudson - WHERE?

Anyone remember:
Schafer's for "late night" eating?
Ray's for "chocolate bubbles" (egg creams) & Tane's bar on 12th & Washington?
Harry's Log Cabin next to the Clam Broth?
Beer in containers from the bar behind Vet's Field?
Doc Izzo for everyone's appliances?
Pini brothers for everyone's plumbing?
Duke's & Oliveri's for "shooting pool"?  
Bingo (the best) at Oliveri's?
Adam's Lanes, Empire Lanes & Castle Lanes for bowling?  
LaScallinatta, Vellocci's, Jewel's, Torna's, Balboa's, Flying, (spelling)  for "some" of the "pizza joints" not yet mentioned? 
The Sea Star & the Palace for fishing?
The "sewerage plant" for football leagues?
ALL the old bars on River Street?
The YMCA & Camp Tamaqua?
Leo Smith & "the Rec. basketball program?
The Unico outings?
The BBB baseball league?
The Little League umpire we/wooden arm?
The rag man with /horse & cart?
D'onofrio's (spelling) chili dogs? 
Mary's for eggplant?
How about Meyer Shultz bus and his "back door"?
Everyone afraid to remember "Bibba"?
The Cassolino cookouts after little league games, the "new little league stadium" with showers that were never used, the ILA little league team cheerleaders, stickball at Wallace School yard "lefty on a bounce", the Roller Rink at St Ann's church, trying to get into Stevens fraternity parties for beer and older women, the Grogan rally's, swimming nude at the YMCA (no bathing suits allowed), working for a liquor store and delivering alcohol at 14 years old, the Thanksgiving Day football game with Memorial
Wooden scoters made with 2x4 and a wood milk crate and old roller skates with bottle caps for the number on the front and being an alter boy to get out of class and going to a barber shop for a hair cut, playing pinochle in the back of Schnackies every day after school, Henry's Gift Shop, My Lady's Bag Shop, Mrs. Lewis Baby Shop on 5th & Washington Street.
Andy's Candy Store on 1st & Park Ave. and candy store next door to Joseph F. Brandt Jr. High with the 5 cent bag of potato chips which were the best lose potato chips you could buy. The Birthday truck which delivered your birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday to you as it drove down the street, the men who swept the streets with their garbage cans and sang, the whip and the roller coaster rides that parked on the block.
Barney's Ice Cream Truck a converted Rolls Royce Then you had the yum yum come around with his ices Then you had the Apple on a Stick man. Holland Bakery at 6th and Washington, Woldfart Bakery next to Schenkenbergs Ice Parlor.
"The circle by the projects, the showers yelling for money for mar. softie, the trains behind the projects, watching the world trade center being built from my bedroom window on Marshall drive. Election time freebies pony rides etc..Camp Tamaqua, the factories, women dressed in morning, the shipyards, Stevens boat which was a dorm, and the fireworks during the feast, the Adams street feast Charlie's candy store on 4th and Adams. Kick the can on 4 corners, melting crayons into bottle caps, Happy's candy store with the monkey hanging over the pole on 5th and Jackson, Saddie F Leinkaulf School ( #8), St. Joes, Father Eugene, Biggies watermelon slices 25 cents."