Thursday, March 26, 2009

LitLife Walkthrough in Connors and Calabro

On Thursday, March 26th Dr. Petrosino and Jennifer Lopez toured Calabro and Connors Schoos with LitLife representatives as they conduced a semi-semester evaluation of the progress that LitLife has made to the life of the district in writing and literacy. LitLife was brought into the district late last year as a long term, systemic and residential approach to professional development. No longer satisfied with "one shot" professional development or short term professional opportunities, LitLife is consistent with what research tells us leads to sustained and improved professional development and most importantly to lasting results in classroom learning. LitLife consultants work in schools to implement innovative structures for teaching reading and writing. After a careful analysis of a school’s environment and history, they work with staff members to enrich teaching methods and curriculum in reading and writing. We help teachers and administrators in realizing their goal: a happy school in which children and adults alike thrive. As a cutting-edge consulting group, LitLife is constantly evolving. They utilize both the latest research on teaching and the best technological advances in the resources we offer schools. From seminars to study groups, books to DVDs, podcasts to webinars, we are constantly searching for new ways to expand the depth and breadth of literacy.

LitLife currently works with grades 1, 2, and 3 in all district elementary schools (Calabro, Connors and Wallace). After the walkthroughs, Dr. Petrosino and Ms. Lopez spoke about expanding LitLife to encompass grade 4 or possibly consider another configuration that would bring LitLife to the middle grades at a more accelerated pace. Results are already being seen in classroom around the district based on feedback from LitLife consultants as well as discussions with building principals. Nonetheless, it will take an iteration or two of implementation before the district sees results on standardized test scores. LitLife is *not* a test preparation program but rather a long term approach to positively impacting teacher professional development within the Hoboken School District. From the monitoring and feedback received to date, the partnership seems to be producing the desired outcomes.

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