Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Academic Program Committee March 25

On Wednesday, March 25th, the Academic Program Committee met in the Board of Education conference room. In attendance were: Kate Dominique (IB Program), Kate Karmarsky (English/Social Studies Supervisor), Howard McKenzie (Mathematics/Science Supervisor), Gary Enrico (Saturday U), Ms. Hillenbrand (Gifted and Talented), Jennifer Lopez (NCLB/Reading), Ed Barfield (HHS teacher), David Bailey (IT Coordinator), and Dr. Petrosino. 

The meeting lasted over 2 hours- a quick summary of the meeting include Kate Dominique giving the group an update on her new schedule which now includes a visit to each school in the district at least once a week. Coordination with building administrators and Ms. Dominique is going well. Mr. McKenzie presented the lab schedules of the science teachers in HHS and a brief discussion on science instruction throughout the district was conducted. Ms. Hillenbrand report that the John Hopkins expansion is going smoothly and she agreed to present the group with some data for our next meeting. Jennifer Lopez spoke briefly about the SES provider fair and some funding opportunities centering on NCLB and the Title programs. David Bailey will be attending meeting in the future as the group integrates technology into it's discussions.

The next meeting of the group will be in two weeks.

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