Thursday, February 5, 2009

District Wide Institute Day- January 29, 2009

January 29th was Institute Day around the district with all Hoboken faculty attending at least 1 workshop (generally between the hours of 1:30pm and 4pm). Workshops included the "Tools of the Mind" program, the Reading Inventory, LitLife and others. A brief overview follows:

The following is a list of staff members that attended the "Tools of the Mind" Institute Day at the Brandt Professional Development Center on Jan. 29, 2009. The professional development day was specifically aimed at district Kindergarten teachers for implementation to begin during the 2009-2010 academic school year: Jill Littzi, Elizabeth Schwartz, Anna Maria Simone, Katrina Sturdivant, Lea DiVincent, Meagan Alt, Adriana Coppola, Romy Marchesani, Beth Tomlinson, Rosemary Purwin, Donna Yula, Ada Roman, Victoria Aligo, Nancy Bini, Kim Taraboccia, Amy Casciano, Jessica Peters, Edith Vega, Dr. Anthony Petrosino

The Tools of the Mind program has been developed with the following premises: 1) The Leading Activity unique to preschool and kindergarten should be a key activity within the child’s day. 2) Cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation or executive function is taught in special activities or embedded in content activities. 3) Activity content should be research-based and designed to meet all state and national standards in literacy and mathematics and to cover all developmental domains. 4) Instructional strategies used in Tools are a combination of child-initiated activities, cooperative paired learning, teacher scaffolding and explicit instruction, individualization through multiple levels of scaffolding, and on-going use of assessment data to tailor interactions to meet individual needs.

Litlife Workshop
Sharlette Cullen, Jacqueline Cordero, Marianne Insinga, Dan Fagan, John Maresca, Stephanie Garcia, Stacy Ntansah, Elise Granovsky, Tammi Oberstein, Kristin Kubinsky, Veronica Ramos, Rosemarie Lo Presti, Camille Ryan, Frank Mazzone, Maria Salvetta, Josephine Mazzone, Kelly Sogluizzo, Jonathan Peterson, Jennifer Suyat, Veronica Scappatori, Christy Vespa, Janice Shikhman, Francine Yu, Rosanne Versaci, Maria Morales – VP, Jennifer Wetzel, Frank Rizzo, Patricia Belifore

Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI/Read 180) Workshop
Robert Carullo, Nicolas Calbrese, Ben Cueto, Andrea Canonoico, Tara Donnelly, Saverio Cantatore, Anabel Gomez, Gabriela Garcia-Taglieri, Amanda Jervis, Michael Jacobson, Sandra Sansevere, Vanessa Phalen, Martin Shannon, Patricia Poore, Luis Taglieri, William Rutherford, Kenneth Turso, Gwendolyn White, Kathleen Kelly-Ynoa

Small Group Targeted Instruction Workshop
Michele La Grasta, Joseph DePinto, Angela Rivera, Jennifer Dunst, Irene Murnane, Loreto Martinez, Rea Ann DeAquino, Adela Sanchez, Sharon Cantone, Veronica Valente, Felicia Sacci, Linda Fitzgibbons, Raphie Peluso, Yesenia Flores, Jaely Riccardi, Iluminada Frene

Writing Strategies
Ilene Vanghan, Jean Bollhardt, Reymond Donovan, Salvatore Manente, Luz Durando, Josephine De Gennaro, Cara Killen, Gwendolyn Rodriguez, Rosanna Lucignano, Carmella Pasculli, Alexis Reidy, Mary Schmidt, Kathleen Kelly, Patricia Williams, Denise Donnelly, John Bussanich, Linda F. Erbe

Psychological & Emotional Implications of Working With Students with Disabilities
Louise Boscia, Judith Poalucci, F. Canino, Kimberly Dunne, Rosita Crespo, Lynn Fusco, Frank D’Amelio, Tasha Leggard, Saima Farooq, Dominque Lisa, Shaun Kolmer, Bess Mitsakos, Annette Lisa, Rosangela Perez, Catherine Macis, Loretta Rhodes, Robert Meyers, John Salvetta, Roseanne Musella, Virginia Wingert, Anthony Raccuia, TaniaTrinidad-Payamps, Cheng-Yen Hillebbrand, Loc Dao

picture: SRI workshop held at Wallace School Computer Center

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