Thursday, December 4, 2008

LitLife- In District Professional Development Workshop

On Tuesday, December 2 two LitLife sessions of professional development took place at the Brandt Professional Development Center involving 23 district teachers. The workshop focused on "Essential Questions in Planning a Non-Fiction Unit of Study" and included such topics as 1) Will this unit 'stand alone' or be connected to other areas of my curriculum? 2) During the course of this study, what structures/components will contain my teaching and the independent practice of the students? 3) What will I read aloud during this study and during the rest of the year to support/further this study? 4) What, if anything, will my students produce during this study? LitLife consultants work in schools to implement innovative structures for teaching reading and writing. After a careful analysis of a school’s environment and history, LitLife works with staff members to enrich teaching methods and curriculum in reading and writing. We help teachers and administrators in realizing their goal: a happy school in which children and adults alike thrive.

Professionals who participated in the workshop:
Session 1: Marianne Insinga (Calabro), Rosemarie LoPresti (Wallace), Josephine Mazzone (Wallace), Kristin M. Kubinsky (Wallace), Jennifer Wetzel (Wallace), Christna Coccucci (Wallace), Stacy Ntansah (Connors), Camille Ryan (Connors), John Mareca (Connors), Jennifer Lopez (Coordinator), Particia Reilly (LitLife consultant/trainer)
Session 2: Jennifer Suyat (Connors), Ronnie Scappatori (Wallace), Elise Granovsky (Wallace), Stephanie Garcia (Wallace), Tammie Oberstein (Connors), Danay Gutierrez (Student teacher-Wallace/Oberstein), Rosanne Versacci (Wallace), Christy Vespa (Connors), Magen Alt (Wallace), Jennifer Lopez (Coorodinator), Dr. Anthony Petrosino (Asst. to Superintendent), Particia Reilly (LitLife consultant/trainer).

A meeting with Dr. Petrosino, curriculum committee members, and LitLife consultants is planned for December 18th when alignment of new curriculum and LitLife professional development activities will be discussed.

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picture: Consultant Patricia Reilly of LitLife working with district teachers at the Brandt Professional Development Center.