Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween Curriculum Development Saturday

On Saturday, November 1 the Hoboken Curriculum Committee met in the Brandt Professional Development Center from 9AM to 3PM. Highlights of the day included collaboration between the mathematics and science curriculum committees thanks to the efforts of Supervisor Howard McKenzie; significant advancement by the Social Studies group on the 11th grade units; and an informal afternoon meeting between representatives of HoLa and the World Languages group (see picture).
World Language: Today we finished revising the mappinig for the World Language Curriculum from the 9th to the 12th grade. We used Avancemos levels one and two for the Standard level of IB and Encuentros Maravillosos for the Higher level of IB. We were creating guiding questions and planning alternative assessments when we were visited by
¡HOLA! representatives Camille Bustillo and Jen Sargent. We spent the remainder of the day in a spirited and thoughtful discussion on the benefits of two way immersion.

Social Studies: is 75% finished with the 11 grade MYP units. We will continue with the last unit on Mon 11/3. We will also start writing the units for Grade 4 during the sessions on Monday - Wednesday.

Science: Completed grade two – units 1-4 ; Initiated grade two- unit 5; Revised and found assessments for grade 9 – units 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Immediate plans include: Complete grade 2 units 5-10 and big ideas for all units; Complete the MPY units plans for grade 9 and the big ideas; Find assessment for the scientific method unit; Initiate grade 10 units

Language Arts: Today the language arts team completed the Big Ideas for the second grade and had completed the big ideas for grades 3 for unit 1 and 2. They will work towards completion of the Big Ideas for the third grades, thus completing the Primary school curriculum for Language Arts. The middle and high school Language Arts curriculum is complete through eleventh grade.

Theatre: Fully completed all Big ideas and Unit planners for the 19th grade. Entered those units into the “L-Drive.” Began planning for 11th and 12th grades Diploma Program.

Visual Arts: The team organized all prior work done for grades 6 and 7. Started MYP Big ideas and unit plans for 8th grade.