Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tools of the Mind Professional Development

Today Hoboken District Kindergarten teachers and teacher aides met in the Professional Development Center (PDC) at Brandt School for an introduction to the Tools of the Mind curriculum program. The focus of the 2.5 hour presentation by Dr. Petrosino centered on theoretical foundations of the curriculum, peer review research findings, and practical day to day questions concerning implementation. There was an extensive Question and Answer period as well as an opportunity to interact with some Pre-K teachers currently engaged in both professional development and implementation of "Tools of the Mind" in the district's Pre-K program.

Attending: Aligo, Victoria; Alt, Megan; Avalos, Maria; Bini, Nancy; Coppola, Adriana; Della Fave, Isabel; DiVincent, Lea; Heslin, Maureen; Lamberty, Marylin; Lerdo, Aimee; Littzi, Jill; Marchesani, Romy; Monaco, Victoria; Morales, Maryke; Murphy. Mariluz;

Osei-Bonsu, Charlotte; Perkovic, Dolores; Purwin, Rosemary; Rodriguez, Sol; Roman, Ada; Schwartz, Elizabeth; Simone, AnnaMaria; Soliman, Zakia; Sturdivant, Katrina; Tarabocchia, Kim; Tomlinson, Beth; Torre, Michelle; Vacca, Cecilia; Willis, Louise; Yula, Donna