Friday, January 4, 2008

Trip to Trenton- New Jersey Deputy Commissioner of Education

On January 4, 2008 Dr. Petrosino visited the office of Willa Spicer, the New Jersey Deputy Commissioner of Education. The conversation centered around the Curriculum and Professional Development Audit of July 2007 as well as the QSAC DPR on Curriculum and Instruction (submitted in November of 2007). The conversation centered upon both the challenges and strengths faced by the Hoboken School District and all Abbott districts. Deputy Commissioner Spicer pointed to the fact that Hoboken has been making AYP (adequate yearly progress) in all schools and that is a notable accomplishment indicating a great deal of teaching and learning going on in the district. Clearly, an up to date curriculum needs to be in place but it is clear that some type of curriculum is being followed. Most likely led by the textbooks and the state standardized tests such as NJ ASK and HSPA. Deputy Commissioner also pointed out the importance of technology integration and the importance of encouraging ways to incorporate critical thinking skills to the curriculum. For the later part of the meeting, Ed Barry of the Liberty Science Center joined the conversation and spoke about the Center's collaboration with the district on curricula and professional development matters. It was agreed that Dr. Petrosino would send the Deputy Commissioner periodic updates.