Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tools of the Mind

Tools For the Mind- Meeting with members from Rutgers University at Brandt School on a PK-K curriculum entitled TOOLS FOR THE MIND. Based on Vygotsgy and the idea of sociocultural perspective on learning. This sounds exciting and I think very promising. The turnout was moderate/good (about 10 teachers) but I liked what I saw and Jessica Peters was impressed as well (she suggested the program). It will take a rethinking to some degree on the part of the professional staff but I think this perspective is very consistent with where I want to go with curriculum development efforts in the district in general. The emphasis on reflective thought is really critical. I was most impressed with the research on this program (one article from American Education Research Journal and another from Science; two top tier research journals) and slightly disappointed that this research was really underplayed during the presentation. In part I think this has to do with the uncomfortable relationship between academic research and what is considered to be "useful" information by practioners (teachers). Amy Hornbeck (Tools of the Mind)