Sunday, December 9, 2007

Curricular Activities December 3-7

There seems to be a fair amount of testing that the students take (district generated) that is potentially a valuable resource provided this data is scored, analyzed and utilized in curriculum decision making. Essentially, it is a lost opportunity right now as this is not being done. Again, much of the conversation centered on what is NOT being taught in the grammar schools (specifically grades 7-8) which makes me even more convinced for the need of some type of vertical alignment of the curriculum with the content. I would like to meet with the entire department.

• Meeting with Paula Ohaus on the need for Arts/Music curriculum in the district. A very productive meeting that took place in the library.

• Curriculum committee posting went up this week. I'm hoping for a good turnout.

• Friday- Meeting at Connor's in which I observed the G and T program at work in some detail. Also, extended discussions with Kate Dominique on curriculum/IB/Professional development issues within the district. Overall, a very productive morning.

School Visits

Hoboken High School (3 times)
Connors (Friday)