Sunday, December 16, 2007

Curricular Activities December 10-15

Connors visit- A quick visit to Connors where I mainly meet on curriculum and observed students doing the John Hopkins program with Ms. Hillebrand. My idea of Honors may include interaction with online learning individualized learning but is not exclusive to that idea. We need to explore this in more depth soon. Key points I see are 1) should Hopkins be resident in one school? and 2) what is a viable curriculum/pedagogy for these students?

Much curriculum work done in terms of organization. trying to figure out a calendar and time line for things to occur. Also, receiving applications for teachers wanting to participate.

Meeting with 2 concerned parents about their child. The parents were very clear on their expectations for their child and their expectations of the school/district. Seems as if they want more computers/technology for their child as well as a more challenging curriculum in some areas. I think it is through parents voices such as these that we see what the community is expecting from the public schools. Meeting with parents and students in comfortable settings is very productive in getting a handle on wants, needs, and desires of the educational system. This is true all over the country as it is so in Hoboken. A goal for the district: How do we map out a trajectory that takes us from good to excellent?