Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Trump-DeVos Budget: An All-Out Assault on America's Kids?

As a new federal budget is proposed, Senator Elizabeth Warren explains what might be in store for education...

0:00 so the Trop budget comes out tomorrow
0:02 but the word is already leaking out from
0:05 the Washington Post about what's in it
0:07 you're not going to believe it so I just
0:10 want to talk for a minute about a few of
0:12 the details here Trump and DeVos
0:14 remember Betsy divides the person the
0:17 Republicans confirmed to be Secretary of
0:19 Education the big complaint was that
0:22 this is a woman who does not believe in
0:23 public education well she just proved it
0:25 and that is the Trump defense budget
0:28 cuts 11 billion dollars from public
0:32 education they want to take away 22
0:36 programs that help kids K through 12
0:40 they won't take away after-school
0:42 programs gone teacher training gone
0:44 class size reduction gone school arts
0:48 programs gone physical education
0:51 programs gone foreign language programs
0:54 gone education technology mental health
0:57 services and E bullying initiatives AP
1:00 courses than the education and even the
1:06 Special Olympics this is an unbelievable
1:10 statement of where Trump and of us want
1:14 to take this country oh and there's more
1:16 there's more the trunk device budget
1:19 would totally eliminate public service
1:23 loan forgiveness that's it gone nothing
1:26 they want to slice work-study in half
1:29 steal four billion dollars from the Pell
1:32 Grant program and here's the one that
1:34 just is especially awful they want to
1:37 roll back the student loan subsidies for
1:40 low-income college students
1:41 so what's the plan of DeVos interim it's
1:45 to make student loans more expensive for
1:51 the students who have the most trouble
1:52 paying they want to make sure that more
1:55 students stay in bed even longer and pay
1:58 even more back to the federal government
2:02 here's the bottom line
2:04 the Trump devos budget would push
2:08 opportunities out of the reach
2:10 of millions of students across this
2:13 country it would ruin lives
2:16 yeah it's all about numbers but it's
2:18 also all about our values it's about
2:22 what we care about in this country and
2:25 what Trump and de Vos are saying is it's
2:28 not about public education it's not
2:30 about helping people get a college
2:32 diploma it's not about helping people
2:34 who have student loans they got to pay
2:36 off no it's up to us it is up to us to
2:41 fight back it is up to us to say no to
2:47 these budget cuts be clear you have the
2:50 power if you make your voice heard in
2:54 Washington then the Republicans cannot
2:57 get away with passing a budget like this