Friday, May 26, 2017

The 50 School Districts that Spend the Most per Pupil of New Jersey's 647 Traditional and Public Charter School Districts

2017 Memorial Day Parade- Hoboken, NJ  

The numbers come from the state's annual Taxpayers's Guide to Education Spending, which is intended to provide a comparison of all money spent on the students enrolled in the public school system, including transportation, equipment, total food services, judgments against the school district, and tuition/costs for students sent out of district (except payments to charter schools). 

"According to data from the New Jersey Department of Education and reported by, the Hoboken School District spent $28, 217 per student in 2015-16. This places the Hoboken City District 23rd out of 647 NJ school districts or in the top 3.5% in the state in per pupil spending" 

Also included in the total cost are pension payments the state makes on behalf of school districts and tuition and fees districts paid to send students to other schools.
The following list was complied by Ted Sherman and published by on May 16, 2017.  Mr. Sherman may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @TedShermanSL. Facebook: @TedSherman.reporter.