Friday, February 10, 2017

Answers to Questions About Choice Students in the Hoboken School District: 166 (total) and 120 of 458 (HHS)

Quick Summary: The latest available NJDOE data indicates there are 166 choice students in the Hoboken School District. Additional data indicates 26% of high school enrollment in Hoboken High School are choice students. 

As regular readers will recall, the Hoboken School District is a receiving district for "choice" students from the surrounding area. But just how many students are there in Hoboken who are "choice" students and how many of them are enrolled in the high school. A fairly simple and straight forward question but one that is not very easy to ascertain. I have received a number of inquiries over the past few days concerning these questions and though that if a few people are interested, perhaps there are many more. 

This post will answer 2 questions. First, how many "choice students" are in the Hoboken School District. Second, what percentage of enrolled students in Hoboken High School are choice students? 

Question 1: The graph below is pretty straight forward and not only shows the number of choice students for the most recent school year (166) but also shows the continued rise of choice students since the 2009-10 school year. 

Chart 1: Number of Choice Students in Hoboken District
2009-10 to 2015-16

Question 2: The second question is how many choice students are in Hoboken High School. I have include some of my data sources (see Chart 2 and Chart 3). According to the latest data, there were 458 total enrolled students in Hoboken High School with 120 of them being "choice" students. Therefore, based on the latest data, roughly 26% of the students in Hoboken High School are non-residents or "choice" students. 

Chart 2: 2015-15 Enrollment District Data- Hoboken School District

Chart 3: Disaggregated Choice Data by Grade 2015-16 School Year 

Comment: While a district cannot "pick and choose" all choice students, the district Board does control the number of choice students admitted to the school district as long as the number admitted is within the upper limit of state approved slots for the district. There is also no available analysis that I know of currently that has examined choice vs resident students on any specific measures. 

February 10, 2017- Hoboken Waterfront