Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Petrosino and Mann (2017)- Submission Acceptance Notification

1980 Hoboken High School Baseball Team
Its always a great pleasure to present research with senior doctoral students. 

Dear Dr. Anthony Petrosino and Michele Mann.

Congratulations on the acceptance of your abstract titled Pre-Service Teacher's Knowledge to the Science Education strand of the Texas Academy of Science! While the meeting is still a couple of months away, I have listed a few things you can do to help our sessions run more smoothly.
  1. All presentations for each session need to be loaded on the computer before that session begins. There should be time before the first session and during the breaks
    1. Name your presentation file with YOUR last name (naming your file TAS2011 does not tell me whose file it is).
    2. Please bring your presentation on a flash drive.
    3. IF you don’t bring your presentation to be loaded ahead of time, we will try to load it when it is time for you to begin speaking; HOWEVER, your presentation will still have to end at your regularly scheduled time.
  2. A new talk is scheduled to begin every 15 minutes. In order to keep the session on schedule the moderator will signal you (by waving or by standing up temporarily) when 11minutes have passed. At 13 minutes the moderator will stand up and continue standing. You need wrap up quickly at this point because at 14 minutes the moderator will move to the front of the room to get the next presenter’s presentation opened on the computer and allow for audience members to change rooms if they need to.
  3. After each presentation, themoderator will determine if enough time is available for the audience to ask questions. (It is better to end your presentation with a Thank You rather than asking for questions since it is not up to you do determine if there is time for questions. This also allows for applause by the audience before themoderator calls for questions.) The moderator will stop the questions when it is time to transition to the next speaker. People with further interest in your work are welcome to talk with you at the next break.
  4. If you are in competition for a student award, remember that one component being evaluated is how you respond to questions. If you don’t leave time for questions, the judges will not have the opportunity to see how well you respond to questions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I look forward to meeting you in person at Mary Hardin-Baylor!