Sunday, November 6, 2016

Most Recent Hudson County School District Violence Rates as Reported in the Annual Commissioner's Report to the State Legislature

Its election time and viewership and requests always seem to ramp up during this time of year- especially concerning educational issues. Recently, I received a few requests by anonymous viewers of my blog to post some information about Hudson County School Districts concerning the most recent NJ Violence and Vandalism Report. The specific request asked to focus simply on "Violence" and none of the other categories such as bullying, vandalism, substance abuse etc... I generally do not take requests to post data, especially by anonymous viewers, but there seemed to be a fair amount of interest in this topic. -Dr. Petrosino 

After some investigation, I found the latest NJ report and data. The data is part of an annual report know as The Commissioner's Annual Report to the State Legislature and can be found by clicking HERE. The latest report can be directly accessed by clicking HERE.

The Report lists the following categories: Violence, Vandalism, Weapons, Substance, and Bullying.

According to the report the following incidents are grouped under Violence: Assault, Fights, Robbery/Extortion, Sex Offense, Criminal Threat, Threat. This is reported as a single number and the NJ Department of Education makes note that the most frequent incident is "fights." 

The following is the raw data that was used for the analysis:

It should be noted that all district data is self report data. Any knowledge of any school district not reporting incidents of violence and vandalism should be reported to your local Board of Education or directly to the Commissioner's Office in Trenton. To date, no known incidents of purposeful under reporting have been identified in Hudson County.

In comparing districts it is important not to use raw numbers (counts) since larger districts would almost always have more individual incidents. Counts only make sense if the denominator is fixed. When comparing various Hudson County school districts there is a range from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Rather, it is more advisable to use rates (i.e. incidents per students) in order to normalize smaller, mid range and larger districts.

The following is the rate of Violence only in Hudson County districts based on the latest available data from the NJ Department of Education's Commissioner's Annual Report to the State Legislature.

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