Saturday, November 5, 2016

NJ Monthly's Ranking (lower is better) of Hoboken HS 2008-2016 - From 139th to 212th with 298th and 274th in the Middle

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Data for the New Jersey Monthly ranking of the state’s high schools was obtained from the state Department of Education since 2008.  Only public high schools were included in the rankings. Not all high schools are ranked since some schools lacking sufficient data are excluded. It should not be assumed that if a school lacked sufficient data that the school ranking was low. Simply stated, there was not enough information or data to be included in the NJ Monthly Ranking Methodology and Analysis in order for the school to be ranked (high or low). 
In order to satisfy multiple requests from regular readers, I present data on Hoboken High School's ranking along with how many NJ High Schools were evaluated that particular year. 
HHS Rank  Total NJ HS's in Analysis 
2008* 139 314
2010 187 322
2012 298 328
2014 274 339
2016 212 337

Data Available: