Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NJ and Hoboken School District Scores for Grade 8 2014-15 PARCC Mathematics Under Kids First-Forward Together Leadership

The 2014-15 PARCC assessments for 8th Grade Mathematics indicate not only does the Hoboken School District score below the NJ State average but the district is next to last it its own District Factor Group. The District Factor Group system was developed by the New Jersey Department of Education as a way to compare "like" districts based on a number of socioeconomic factors. In this way, the state allows districts to compare themselves with districts facing the same challenges and opportunities as other similar districts. For a complete listing of all NJ school districts and their district factor group (DFG) please CLICK HERE

District Factor Group (DFG) data: 
1) Percent of adults with no high school diploma
2) Percent of adults with some college education
3) Occupational status
4) Unemployment rate
5) Percent of individuals in poverty
6) Median family income

Therefore, even when accounting for the socioeconomic conditions of the school district, students in the Hoboken School District came in next to last among its similar districts (FG) across the State of New Jersey. 

2009 Kids First Mailer- back when it was acceptable to
complain about test scores and bash the school district

  This is not improvement. This is not progress. These are facts. This is reality. 

Click on the following links for 2014-15 PARCC Results in ALGEBRA 1, ALGEBRA II, and LANGUAGE ARTS_9.

When we see the consistent low scores in Mathematics Grade 8, Algebra I, and Algebra II under the Kids First-Forward Together led Hoboken School District we must start thinking that something more systemic may be at hand. In the next couple of days we will drill down further into the district Math scores to see if these low scores and rankings exist at the lower grades as well. 

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