Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chapter 78. Just how bad is it?

The following post was originally posted on Facebook by a thoughtful and reflective member of the NJEA. Name withheld for fear of any reprisal. - Dr. Petrosino 
Chapter 78. Just how bad is it? Here is a breakdown to share with family, friends and the NJEA Leadership. I will breakdown down Chapter 78 and other money coming out of your paycheck. 
1. Our pension payment went from 5.5% to 7.5%
So if you earn $75,000 dollars a year your pension is now costing $1500 more a year or $150 dollars a month.
2. Health Insurance went from 1.5% of salary to a percentage of the premium with an unjust sliding scale.
So if you made $75,000 you are now paying 23% of the premium at tier 4. So you went from paying $1,125 dollars for health insurance to $8,970. I am basing this number on my district.That is a difference of $7,845 dollars or $784.50 a month. 
That is $9,340.50 or $934.50 a month. That's a disgrace. 
Add in the fees members paid before Chapter 78 and it is disastrous. 
A member pays disability insurance: Let's use the number $1200 a year, that is what I pay. 
Union dues another $1400 a year. That is $11,940 dollars a year or $1,190.40 a month in deductions from our paychecks. 
Additionally, raises went from 4.5% to 2.61%.
My friends, this is a bloodbath. And the NJEA Leadership, well, they do not seem to get it. It is business as usual. Keep the dues flowing! Who pays dues to lose money yearly? I talk to my friends in NY and PA, our neighboring states, and it isn't happening there. 
NJEA has failed the membership. And no one has been held accountable.