Thursday, May 5, 2016

31st Semi-Annual UTeach Recognition Dinner

I attended the UTeach Recognition Dinner recently. The dinner is in recognition of this semester's graduating students from the College of Natural Sciences who will be certified high school teachers. This is the 31st dinner (two a year, one at the end of the Fall and the end of the Spring semesters). 

UTeach is now a nationally recognized program with over 5300 secondary STEM teachers across the country. It has been acknowledged by the White House as an exemplary secondary pre-service STEM teacher preparation program and is currently at 44 sites around the country. UTeach is part of a national strategy for expanding the number of highly trained and qualified secondary STEM teachers (click here for the 2013 press release by the President's Office

UTeach allows students to graduate in four years with both deep content knowledge in their major and a teaching certification. Ninety-two percent of UTeach graduates have become teachers, and 82 percent are still in the classroom after five years. I am a co-founder of the original UTeach Program and have been active in the replication efforts. 

Projections indicate that, by 2018, UTeach-like programs around the country will have produced an estimated 7,000 new math and science teachers, and those teachers will have affected more than one million students by 2017 and more than 20 million during the course of the new teachers' careers.

At The University of Texas at Austin, UTeach has graduated more than 800 students, and has more than doubled the number of math majors and increased by six times the number of science majors being certified as teachers at the university.