Work with using innovative simulations and computational graphics for elementary and middle school students in public and charter schools: 
Work with Spanish speaking students in Mexico and the USA:
Using Magnetism and Declination- 5th grade
The project, which focuses on collaborative, interactive, cloud-based instruction and learning, will demonstrate how network-supported, group-based learning grounded in the principles of Generative Design can improve learning outcomes for all learners, across racial and ethnic backgrounds.
“Generative Design is rooted in the students’ generation of ideas and it takes those ideas seriously,” says Petrosino. “Student motivation increases when students are able to create and follow their own lines of inquiry.”

Investigating the Nature of Chemistry- Middle School
The project will help pre-service teachers develop more fully participatory and socially-supported approaches to classroom learning, using authentic STEM practices in group-centered learning environments. The work is of particular importance to those who prepare pre-service teachers for the classroom, because most programs don’t use this type of approach in teacher preparation.

Using Applications and Smart Phones with Elementary Students
Sites such as the UTeach Natural Sciences program which was co-founded by Dr. Petrosino and Dr. Stroup—a nationally recognized and expanding approach to STEM teacher preparation and certification—will serve as incubators and test beds for the project’s innovation and development efforts. Says Petrosino, “UTeach was founded not only as an exemplary STEM teacher preparation program but also as a program that seeks to remain on the cutting edge of the latest advancements in the learning sciences. To that end, it is the responsibility of UTeach professors to not only teach but to conduct research and seek external funding that advances our students’ knowledge and abilities while also trying to advance the field through research.”

The full NSF award is in collaboration with scholars from Northwestern and Vanderbilt universities. Find out more about the scope and reach of UTeach Natural Sciences.

Another NSF Grant by Dr. Petrosino
Dr. Petrosino recently completed work on another NSF project, the $12 million "UTeach Engineering" program which was the first engineering Mathematics Science Partnership (MSP) awarded to a University. UTeachEngineering, a collaborative initiative of the Cockrell School of Engineering and UTeach Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin and the Austin Independent School District, and is dedicated to developing leaders in the emerging field of secondary engineering education. 

In Service Teachers Learning Engineering Design as part of
UTeach Engineering (Co-PI Petrosino)
UTeachEngineering prepared undergraduates, degree-holders, and in-service educators to teach innovative and exciting curricula that will allow their students to discover what engineering is, what engineers do, and the role that engineering plays in shaping their world. You can read more about UTeach Engineering by clicking HERE.

Students Involved with the NSF Funded
Beyond Blackboards program (Co-PI Petrosino)
Petrosino was also a Co-PI on an innovative NSF grant which brought robotics and engineering design to students from school districts with large free or reduced eligibility students. The project was called "Beyond Blackboards" and produced a number of publications and benefits to elementary and middle schools enacting engineering design in their curriculum (funded 2008-2013). See more by clicking HERE