Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hoboken School Board Recount

Spectacular Sunset- Hoboken NJ Nov 22, 2015
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From the Hoboken Reporter.... HOBOKEN – A school parent and fourth place finisher in the Nov. 3 Hoboken Board of Education race,  has filed for a recount with the City of Hoboken, Deputy Clerk at the Hudson County Clerk’s Office Hilda Rosario said Thursday. 

Rosario said the candidate, who was 36 votes shy of tying with school board winner Britney Montgomery in the race for three seats, filed the paperwork on Nov. 16. The judge ruled that the count will be administered Monday, Nov. 23, Rosario said. The candidate ran alongside an incumbent and another parent on the Reach Higher, Hoboken! ticket supported by Mayor Dawn Zimmer. 

Only the incumbent won on the Reach Higher, Hoboken! slate, with 2,572 votes. It came down to the wire for the other two winners, with mail-in votes pulling newcomers John Madigan and Britney Montgomery in the seats. Madigan – who ran with Montgomery and Alanna Kauffmann on A Smarter Future slate – earned the most votes with 2,711. The recount candidate came only 36 votes behind Montgomery with 2,343 and 2,379 votes respectively. “[she] is seeking an order directing a recheck and recount of the voting machines, and mail-in, provisional and emergency ballot cast in the entire city of Hoboken,” reads an excerpt from the document. The recount will cost the candidate $1,080 and has to be paid by Nov. 20.

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