Monday, September 21, 2015

Lower test scores for students who use computers frequently in school, 31 country study finds

For those of us who worry that Google might be making us stupid, and that, perhaps, technology and education don’t mix well, here’s a new study to confirm that anxiety.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked at computer use among 15-year-olds across 31 nations and regions, and found that students who used computers more at school had both lower reading and lower math scores, as measured by PISA or Program for International Student Assessment. The study, published September 15, 2015, was actually conducted back in 2012, when the average student across the world, for example, was using the Internet once a week, doing software drills once a month, and emailing once a month. But the highest-performing students were using computers in the classroom less than that.

“Those that use the Internet every day do the worst,” said Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills, and author of “Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection,” the OECD’s first report to look at the digital skills of students around the world. The study controlled for income and race; between two similar students, the one who used computers more, generally scored worse.*

Home computer use, by contrast, wasn’t as harmful to academic achievement. Many students in many high performing nations reported spending between one to two hours a day on a computer outside of school. Across the 31 nations and regions, the average 15-year-old spent more than two hours a day on the computer.

Back in the classroom, however, school systems with more computers tended to be improving less, the study found. Those with fewer computers were seeing larger educational gains, as measured by PISA test score changes between 2009 and 2012.

“That’s pretty sobering for us,” said Schleicher in a press briefing. “We all hope that integrating more and more technology is going to help us enhance learning environments, make learning more interactive, introduce more experiential learning, and give students access to more advanced knowledge. But it doesn’t seem to be working like this.”

Schleicher openly worried that if students end up “cutting and pasting information from Google” into worksheets with “prefabricated” questions, “then they’re not going to learn a lot.”
“There are countless examples of where the appropriate use of technology has had and is having a positive impact on achievement,” said Bruce Friend, the chief operating officer of iNACOL, a U.S.-based advocacy group for increasing the use of technology in education. “We shouldn’t use this report to think that technology doesn’t have a place.”

Friend urges schools in the U.S. and elsewhere to train teachers more in how to use technology, especially in how to analyze real-time performance data from students so that instruction can be modified and tailored to each student.

“Lots of technological investments are not translating into immediate achievement increases. If raising student achievement was as easy as giving every student a device, we would have this solved. It’s not easy,”  Friend added.

In a press briefing on the report, Schleicher noted that many of the the top 10 scoring countries and regions on the PISA test, such as Singapore and Shanghai, China, are cautious about giving computers to students during the school day. But they have sharply increased computer use among teachers. Teachers in Shanghai, Schleicher explained, are expected to upload lesson plans to a database and they are partly evaluated by how much they contribute. In other Asian countries, it is common for teachers to collaborate electronically in writing lessons. And technology is used for video observations of classrooms and feedback. “Maybe that’s something we can learn from,” said Schleicher.

In addition to comparing computer use at schools with academic achievement, the report also released results from a 2012 computerized PISA test that assessed digital skills. U.S. students, it turns out, are much better at “digital reading” than they are at traditional print reading. The U.S. ranked among the group of top performing nations in this category. In math, the U.S. was near the worldwide average on the digital test, whereas it usually ranks below average on the print test.

The digital reading test assesses slightly different skills than the print test. For example, students are presented with a simulated website and asked to answer questions from it. Astonishingly, U.S. students are rather good at remaining on task, clicking strategically and getting back on track after an errant click. By contrast, students in many other nations were more prone to click around aimlessly.
Interestingly, there wasn’t a positive correlation between computer usage at school and performance on the digital tests. Some of the highest scoring nations on the digital tests don’t use computers very much at school.

In the end, 15-year-old students need good comprehension and analysis skills to do well in either the print or the digital worlds. This study leaves me thinking that technology holds a lot of promise, but that it’s hard to implement properly. Yes, maybe there are superstar teachers in Silicon Valley who never get rattled by computer viruses, inspire their students with thrilling lab simulations and connect their classroom with Nobel Prize-winning researchers. But is it realistic to expect the majority of teachers to do that? Is the typical teacher’s attempt to use technology in the classroom so riddled with problems that it’s taking away valuable instructional time that could otherwise be spent teaching how to write a well-structured essay?

Perhaps, it’s best to invest the computer money, into hiring, paying and training good teachers.

* In reading, students who used the computer a little bit did score better than those who never used a computer. But then as computer use increased beyond that little bit, reading performance declined. In math, the highest performing students didn’t use computers at all.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SAT scores at lowest level in 10 years, fueling worries about high schools

Scores on the SAT have sunk to the lowest level since the college admission test was overhauled in 2005, adding to worries about student performance in the nation’s high schools.

The average score for the Class of 2015 was 1490 out of a maximum 2400, the College Board reported Thursday. That was down 7 points from the previous class’s mark and was the lowest composite score of the past decade. There were declines of at least 2 points on all three sections of the test — critical reading, math and writing.

The steady decline in SAT scores and generally stagnant results from high schools on federal tests and other measures reflect a troubling shortcoming of education-reform efforts. The test results show that gains in reading and math in elementary grades haven’t led to broad improvement in high schools, experts say. That means several hundred thousand teenagers, especially those who grew up poor, are leaving school every year unready for college.
“Why is education reform hitting a wall in high school?” asked Michael J. Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a think tank. “You see this in all kinds of evidence. Kids don’t make a whole lot of gains once they’re in high school. It certainly should raise an alarm.”

It is difficult to pinpoint a reason for the decline in SAT scores, but educators cite a host of enduring challenges in the quest to lift high school achievement. Among them are poverty, language barriers, low levels of parental education and social ills that plague many urban neighborhoods.
Cyndie Schmeiser — chief of assessment for the College Board, which owns the SAT — said she is concerned because the share of students prepared for college has stagnated for five years. Close to 42 percent of students who took the SAT reached a score of at least 1550, a benchmark for college and career readiness. The share was far lower for Hispanic students (23 percent) and African Americans (16 percent).

“Simply doing the same things we have been doing is not going to improve these numbers,” Schmeiser said in a statement. “This is a call to action to do something different to propel more students to readiness.”

Schmeiser cautioned against “overinterpreting small fluctuations” in average scores from year to year.
Caveats abound when SAT scores are released. The students who take it are in most cases a self-selected sample, motivated to endure a grueling exercise of 3 hours and 45 minutes on a Saturday. (The test is offered during school days in all public high schools in the District of Columbia and a handful of states.)

Some students take the SAT two or three times. Scores also track closely with family income, rising with affluence, so annual variations in who takes it can swing the results. That makes comparisons of scores among schools, school districts or states problematic. The lower the participation, generally, the higher the scores.

North Dakota, for example, has a seemingly stellar score: 1791, about 300 points above the overall average. But just 134 North Dakotans in the Class of 2015 took the SAT; nearly all students in that state take the rival ACT exam. By contrast, the SAT average in Idaho is 1372. But nearly every graduate in Idaho this year — 17,695 in all — took the SAT.

Since 2005, the SAT has included a writing section worth up to 800 points. That will change in March, when the College Board rolls out a new version that makes the essay optional, does not penalize guessing and contains fewer obscure vocabulary words. The perfect score will snap back to what many parents and teachers remember — 1600.
Through the redesign, Schmeiser said, the College Board aims to “deliver opportunities for students to succeed in college and careers. It will take time to improve these numbers, but we’re deeply committed to making progress.” She cited a partnership with the nonprofit Khan Academy to offer free online tutorials for students preparing for the new SAT. College Board officials are hoping to level the playing field for students who can’t afford expensive test-prep classes.

About 1.7 million students in the Class of 2015 took the SAT, up 1.6 percent from the previous class. That total includes people taking the test overseas. The number tested in the 50 states and the District was roughly 1.5 million. The total who took the ACT in the United States was about 1.9 million.
Many students take both tests and submit the one that gives them the best shot at college admission. But the SAT remains more popular in the Washington region.
In the nation’s capital, which has offered the SAT for free for juniors and seniors since 2013, about 4,700 students from the 2015 class took the exam. Those from private schools, with many educational advantages, reached an average score above 1800. Those from public schools in the District reached an average score of 1139, a 24-point gain from the previous class. The public-private gap illustrates how scores correlate with wealth.

D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson is seeking to rejuvenate many of the city’s high schools this year with an expanded curriculum in advanced courses, arts and other electives. She has dubbed it “The Year of the High School.” Brian Pick, chief of teaching and learning for D.C. Public Schools, said the school system is committed to ensuring that students are prepared for college and careers.
“Student success is at the heart of our work, and we want to make sure our students have equitable access to this test and [are] being prepared to do well in college, and in life,” Pick said.
In Maryland and Virginia, participation in the SAT was almost unchanged. More than 7 of 10 graduates in each state took the test. Maryland’s average score was 1462, counting public and private students, and Virginia’s was 1533.

Michael Alison Chandler and Moriah Balingit contributed to this report.

Nick Anderson covers higher education for The Washington Post. He has been a writer and editor at The Post since 2005.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ranking of New Jersey's Public High Schools for Academics in 2014-2015

 Lackawanna Terminal, early 1900s.
Inside Jersey's annual Top Performing Public High Schools ranking adds a new tracking category to the mix this year — arts education.
For the first time, the state Department of Education looked at the integration of arts into school curriculum, making New Jersey the only state in the country to track student participation in the arts. The most recent formula relies on three factors: a combined SAT score, a composite High School Proficiency Assessment score and a combined arts participation score.

Legend: The relative rank column indicates if the school is in the top third (+), middle third (|) or bottom third (-) of the rankings.

Download the full dataset in an Excel spreadsheet to do your own analysis: CLICK HERE 

County SchoolArts PercentInside Jersey ScoreHSPA ScoreSAT TotalRelative RankMedian Home Value
ATLANTICMainland Regional H.S.553242281531+$264,200 
ATLANTICHammonton H.S. 273132231522|$253,300 
ATLANTICAtlantic County Institute Of Technology153072211502|$248,100 
ATLANTICAbsegami H.S. 343052161477|$234,100 
ATLANTICCedar Creek H.S.353032171403|$234,100 
ATLANTICEgg Harbor Township H.S.462972031479|$247,900 
ATLANTICBuena Regional H.S. 652912001418|$192,100 
ATLANTICOakcrest H.S. 332882021371-$234,100 
ATLANTICCharter Tech Charter-Tech H.S.942761631379-$244,100 
ATLANTICAtlantic City H.S. 432651801320-$220,400 
ATLANTICPleasantville H.S. 412081241135-$166,100 
BERGENBergen County Academies714372942103+$461,400 
BERGENBergen County Technical503822731816+$461,400 
BERGENTenafly H.S. 433822681861+$732,600 
BERGENGlen Rock H.S. 853762671699+$600,600 
BERGENRidgewood H.S. 593752661789+$704,300 
BERGENMahwah H.S. 593622591689+$463,700 
BERGENNorthern Highlands Regional H.S.463622601723+$826,000 
BERGENN. Valley Regional H.S. - Demarest403622571757+$672,100 
BERGENN. Valley Regional H.S. - Old Tappan433542511710+$672,100 
BERGENPascack Hills H.S. 403502511688+$608,800 
BERGENRamapo H.S. 303492561631+$669,000 
BERGENCresskill H.S. 693472401695+$546,000 
BERGENRamsey H.S. 613472441638+$553,800 
BERGENMidland Park H.S. 863462491545+$458,700 
BERGENIndian Hills H.S. 353452451678+$669,000 
BERGENParamus H.S. 713442421610+$564,100 
BERGENPark Ridge H.S. 763432401588+$543,200 
BERGENRiver Dell H.S.593372381608+$497,000 
BERGENPascack Valley H.S. 383362431601+$608,800 
BERGENFair Lawn H.S. 423332431573+$409,100 
BERGENLeonia H.S. 563312311615+$481,100 
BERGENRutherford H.S. 583302361560+$433,000 
BERGENFort Lee H.S. 423282231636+$355,600 
BERGENWestwood Regional Jr./Sr. H.S.643272361517+$479,100 
BERGENDumont H.S. 343272351561+$379,900 
BERGENWaldwick H.S. 373172311491|$426,900 
BERGENEmerson Jr.-Sr. H.S. 643142231489|$486,900 
BERGENHasbrouck Heights H.S.343122261479|$452,600 
BERGENRidgefield Memorial H.S.1063112041464|$538,000 
BERGENNew Milford H.S. 583082141486|$424,400 
BERGENBergenfield H.S. 543022151418|$359,500 
BERGENWood-Ridge H.S. 533022141417|$403,800 
BERGENPalisades Park H.S. 922992071390|$533,900 
BERGENRidgefield Park H.S. 682992061429|$358,300 
BERGENLyndhurst H.S. 562982171379|$394,800 
BERGENTeaneck H.S. 542972081386|$407,800 
BERGENWallington H.S. 332972181415|$399,300 
BERGENSaddle Brook H.S. 502962081419|$386,300 
BERGENNorth Arlington H.S. 502952161362|$369,000 
BERGENHenry P. Becton Regional H.S.252952141417|$194,900 
BERGENDwight Morrow H.S. 612911901467|$410,100 
BERGENCliffside Park H.S. 472902081362|$401,200 
BERGENHackensack H.S. 222902131361|$316,300 
BERGENBogota H.S. 442892181306|$346,400 
BERGENMemorial H.S. 452821941404-$391,000 
BERGENLodi H.S. 452811981341-$362,700 
BERGENGarfield H.S. 442741951298-$350,800 
BURLINGTONMoorestown H.S. 623512431710+$483,200 
BURLINGTONShawnee H.S. 283312351615+$297,200 
BURLINGTONCherokee H.S. 293232331547+$297,200 
BURLINGTONLenape H.S. 243202281575+$297,200 
BURLINGTONSeneca H.S. 363192291519|$297,200 
BURLINGTONRancocas Valley Regional H.S.513172211504|$259,000 
BURLINGTONCinnaminson H.S. 493172271502|$291,500 
BURLINGTONN. Burlington County Regional H.S.523142191506|$355,600 
BURLINGTONBordentown Regional H.S.623052141454|$275,700 
BURLINGTONMaple Shade H.S. 643022181398|$208,200 
BURLINGTONBurlington Township H.S.652992091408|$285,300 
BURLINGTONDelran H.S. 512962071434|$273,800 
BURLINGTONFlorence Twp. Memorial H.S.432881951447-$227,100 
BURLINGTONRiverside H.S. 492801871408-$169,500 
BURLINGTONPemberton Twp. H.S. 482751891352-$193,300 
BURLINGTONBurlington City H.S. 352651841317-$184,100 
BURLINGTONPalmyra H.S. 552621751312-$194,500 
BURLINGTONBurl Co Inst - Medford272601821296-$259,800 
BURLINGTONWillingboro H.S. 592291471180-$178,500 
CAMDENHaddonfield Memorial H.S.513692621767+$460,700 
CAMDENCherry Hill High-East H.S.513582501734+$283,300 
CAMDENEastern Regional H.S.383402391658+$285,900 
CAMDENHaddon Township H.S. 633302331562+$249,500 
CAMDENCherry Hill High-West H.S.543182211533|$283,300 
CAMDENHaddon Heights H.S. 623112181489|$281,900 
CAMDENCollingswood H.S. 533042091485|$242,800 
CAMDENAudubon H.S. 423022151444|$222,300 
CAMDENTimber Creek H.S. 362992071462|$208,700 
CAMDENTriton H.S. 232952071467|$208,700 
CAMDENOverbrook H.S.632901961371|$163,800 
CAMDENSterling H.S.472882031395-$396,900 
CAMDENHighland H.S. 262882041409-$208,700 
CAMDENGloucester City Jr.-Sr. H.S.612811981348-$152,300 
CAMDENLindenwold H.S. 492741841335-$151,900 
CAMDENWinslow Twp H.S.452721801363-$220,100 
CAMDENPennsauken H.S. 432651881274-$181,300 
CAMDENLeap Academy University Charter School772541731175-$90,000 
CAMDENCamden County Tech. - Gloucester Twp.402501771168-$218,700 
CAMDENCamden County Tech. - Pennsauken372351551177-$218,700 
CAMDENMedical Arts H.S. 422291381249-$90,000 
CAMDENCreative Arts Morgan Village Academy852281501030-$90,000 
CAMDENCamden Academy Charter H.S.402281441211-$90,000 
CAMDENCamden H.S. 75171691035-$90,000 
CAMDENWoodrow Wilson H.S. 53159681006-$90,000 
CAPE MAYOcean City H.S. 503122231479|$584,500 
CAPE MAYCape May County Technical223052221469|$326,400 
CAPE MAYMiddle Township H.S. 383022151453|$273,600 
CAPE MAYLower Cape May Regional H.S.552911961429|$270,300 
CAPE MAYWildwood H.S. 382541731274-$247,800 
CUMBERLANDVineland H. S. 462881971411-$180,900 
CUMBERLANDMillville Senior H.S.482711831363-$176,200 
CUMBERLANDCumberland Regional H.S.492691741380-$187,200 
CUMBERLANDBridgeton H.S. 552371511199-$121,300 
ESSEXMillburn H.S. 783892721861+$939,900 
ESSEXNorth Star Academy C.S. of Newark753742511681+$264,400 
ESSEXLivingston H.S. 603682641749+$557,700 
ESSEXGlen Ridge H.S. 513562541719+$575,800 
ESSEXMontclair H.S. 583462451628+$592,500 
ESSEXWest Essex Regional H.S.433402511569+$624,700 
ESSEXJames Caldwell H.S. 293372421625+$476,700 
ESSEXScience H.S. 263362491576+$264,400 
ESSEXColumbia H.S. 723342301583+$493,000 
ESSEXVerona H.S. 583332381557+$437,300 
ESSEXCedar Grove H.S. 553172281506|$465,900 
ESSEXNutley H.S. 393092161518|$382,400 
ESSEXWest Orange H.S. 643012101433|$374,000 
ESSEXCicely Tyson Community Middle/H.S.972881991262-$243,700 
ESSEXUniversity H.S. 592871981351-$264,400 
ESSEXTechnology H.S. 482862091330-$264,400 
ESSEXEssex County Vocational - Bloomfield Tech.332862151294-$346,100 
ESSEXBard Early College H.S.792841871332-$264,400 
ESSEXBloomfield H.S. 462842001375-$346,100 
ESSEXTeam Academy Charter School642781951224-$264,400 
ESSEXWest Caldwell Tech902752101103-$473,700 
ESSEXArts H.S. 912731841241-$264,400 
ESSEXEast Side H.S. 422661911239-$264,400 
ESSEXEssex Co Vocational - W. Market Street242641961195-$264,400 
ESSEXAmerican History H.S.552621881226-$264,400 
ESSEXEssex Co Vocational - No. 13th Street Tech.262601931146-$264,400 
ESSEXOrange H.S. 762371531121-$273,900 
ESSEXWeequahic H.S. 692151341076-$264,400 
ESSEXCentral H.S. 412141441063-$264,400 
ESSEXNewark Vocational H.S.612071281070-$264,400 
ESSEXIrvington H.S. 601981081132-$229,200 
ESSEXEast Orange Campus H.S.371981101156-$243,700 
ESSEXBarringer H.S. 381931221012-$264,400 
ESSEXWest Side H.S. 441901121053-$264,400 
ESSEXMalcolm X. Shabazz H.S.50189116992-$264,400 
ESSEXNewark Bridges H.S.: A Diploma Plus School39176112941-$264,400 
GLOUCESTERClearview H.S. 623222261536+$263,100 
GLOUCESTERWashington Township H.S.373182271520|$257,800 
GLOUCESTERKingsway Regional H.S.603152221504|$324,700 
GLOUCESTERWest Deptford H.S. 493142241511|$218,400 
GLOUCESTERDelsea Regional H.S. 573052121455|$240,500 
GLOUCESTERGloucester County Vocational - Technical293052181453|$232,400 
GLOUCESTERPitman H.S. 793022091449|$212,400 
GLOUCESTERGateway Regional H.S.573012121453|$199,500 
GLOUCESTERWilliamstown H.S.493002111437|$228,000 
GLOUCESTERDeptford Twp H.S. 552962101416|$206,800 
GLOUCESTERWoodbury Jr./Sr. H.S.522851981381-$177,500 
GLOUCESTERGlassboro H.S. 412841991381-$216,400 
GLOUCESTERClayton H.S. 542781941334-$198,500 
GLOUCESTERPaulsboro H.S. 572501651247-$147,200 
HUDSONMcNair Academic H.S. 423742731776+$340,400 
HUDSONHigh Tech H.S. 583452401638+$360,400 
HUDSONWeehawken H.S. 613192431402|$501,600 
HUDSONCounty Prep H.S. 183092341415|$360,400 
HUDSONSecaucus H.S. 583022161417|$418,200 
HUDSONBayonne H.S. 502882041373-$339,500 
HUDSONKearny H.S. 402831971390-$342,000 
HUDSONNorth Bergen H.S. 442741951317-$345,500 
HUDSONMemorial H.S. 412701921287-$346,200 
HUDSONHarrison H.S. 452681841328-$334,600 
HUDSONUnion City H.S.422601851220-$327,900 
HUDSONWilliam L. Dickinson H.S.162531801247-$340,400 
HUDSONHoboken H.S. 582491721190-$563,100 
HUDSONUniversity Academy Charter H.S.322381651177-$340,400 
HUDSONJames J. Ferris H.S. 282371621193-$340,400 
HUDSONHoboken Charter School942151281155-$563,100 
HUDSONHenry Snyder H.S. 132151431134-$340,400 
HUDSONLincoln H.S. 22151451136-$340,400 
HUNTERDONNorth Hunterdon H.S. 563562561687+$428,500 
HUNTERDONVoorhees H.S. 583502511654+$428,500 
HUNTERDONSouth Hunterdon Regional H.S.763482431650+$369,600 
HUNTERDONHunterdon Central H.S.653482461652+$435,000 
HUNTERDONDelaware Valley Regional H.S.403312311598+$387,800 
MERCERPrinceton H.S. 593902761848+$720,100 
MERCERW. Windsor - Plainsboro H.S. - South523832681863+$528,000 
MERCERW. Windsor - Plainsboro H.S. - North483802671853+$528,000 
MERCERCentral H.S. 523582511722+$466,100 
MERCERRobbinsville H.S. 513332321610+$413,600 
MERCERHightstown H.S. 683262251578+$294,800 
MERCERLawrence H.S. 523192241528|$316,600 
MERCERHamilton East - Steinert H.S.443022071497|$268,900 
MERCEREwing H.S. 582751891342-$243,900 
MERCERHamilton North - Nottingham H.S.542731751420-$268,900 
MERCERHamilton West - Watson H.S.462661741371-$268,900 
MERCERTrenton Central H.S. - West Campus512381471274-$122,500 
MERCERTrenton Central H.S. - Main Campus422161361158-$122,500 
MERCERDaylght/Twilight H.S.18157641101-$122,500 
MIDDLESEXJ.P. Stevens H.S. 353602561746+$368,600 
MIDDLESEXHighland Park H.S. 613542661592+$375,000 
MIDDLESEXEast Brunswick H.S. 813532401695+$377,200 
MIDDLESEXMetuchen H.S. 643442441629+$394,300 
MIDDLESEXSouth Brunswick H.S. 413442411683+$403,900 
MIDDLESEXMonroe Township H.S. 313222281572+$337,500 
MIDDLESEXNorth Brunswick H.S. 463212231573+$315,300 
MIDDLESEXOld Bridge H.S. 373172271523|$347,600 
MIDDLESEXDunellen H.S. 783152151450|$289,300 
MIDDLESEXJ.F. Kennedy Memorial H.S.473152231490|$320,300 
MIDDLESEXPiscataway Township H.S.423132281467|$343,300 
MIDDLESEXSpotswood H.S. 333132241515|$286,600 
MIDDLESEXMiddlesex H.S. 653122171459|$332,700 
MIDDLESEXEdison H.S. 363122211509|$368,600 
MIDDLESEXColonia H.S. 423102171496|$320,300 
MIDDLESEXWar Memorial H.S. 513062141477|$328,600 
MIDDLESEXWoodbridge H.S. 473002161402|$320,300 
MIDDLESEXSouth Plainfield H.S.462982101445|$334,800 
MIDDLESEXSouth Amboy H.S. 882871911396-$280,600 
MIDDLESEXMiddlesex County - E. Brunswick192791901392-$340,000 
MIDDLESEXSouth River H.S. 442781921364-$310,200 
MIDDLESEXCarteret H.S. 652711811332-$281,400 
MIDDLESEXNew Brunswick H.S. 692611711237-$254,900 
MIDDLESEXMiddlesex County - Piscataway132301531173-$340,000 
MONMOUTHCommunications H.S. 263922861888+$399,000 
MONMOUTHRumson-Fair Haven Regional H.S.483622581738+$740,400 
MONMOUTHHolmdel H.S. 503562491718+$621,900 
MONMOUTHMarlboro H.S. 343482461697+$409,700 
MONMOUTHColts Neck H.S. 283472541648+$409,700 
MONMOUTHMiddletown - South H.S.693382351590+$411,100 
MONMOUTHManasquan H.S. 563322371537+$637,900 
MONMOUTHWall H.S. 503302371560+$468,600 
MONMOUTHFreehold Township H.S.403292381558+$409,700 
MONMOUTHOcean Township H.S. 573272311529+$405,300 
MONMOUTHFreehold Borough H.S.323252281598+$409,700 
MONMOUTHAllentown H.S. 423242321546+$476,400 
MONMOUTHManalapan H.S.383242311570+$409,700 
MONMOUTHShore Regional H.S.743232291503+$469,100 
MONMOUTHMiddletown - North H.S.753192181487|$411,100 
MONMOUTHHowell H.S. 423182271516|$409,700 
MONMOUTHHenry Hudson Regional H.S643172191532|$338,300 
MONMOUTHRed Bank Regional H.S.473162171541|$470,200 
MONMOUTHMatawan Regional H.S.483142241492|$326,000 
MONMOUTHRaritan H.S. 473002091436|$327,600 
MONMOUTHMonmouth Regional H.S.262982111462|$326,700 
MONMOUTHKeansburg H.S. 632781941339-$227,200 
MONMOUTHKeyport H.S. 32691881372-$288,700 
MONMOUTHNeptune H.S. 652671841279-$325,600 
MONMOUTHLong Branch H.S. 452541791196-$354,700 
MONMOUTHAcademy Charter H.S. 202351631188-$399,000 
MONMOUTHAsbury Park H.S. 64196119962-$325,700 
MORRISChatham H.S.643682621744+$721,200 
MORRISMountain Lakes H.S. 573652661699+$882,400 
MORRISWest Morris Mendham H.S.543652611730+$574,200 
MORRISMadison H.S. 653622541735+$627,600 
MORRISKinnelon H.S. 803602581639+$587,100 
MORRISMorris County School of Technology543582501676+$446,800 
MORRISWest Morris Central H.S.583572601655+$574,200 
MORRISPequannock Township H.S.673532541645+$417,800 
MORRISRandolph H.S. 593532491696+$553,600 
MORRISWhippany Park H.S. 653462471630+$532,100 
MORRISHanover Park H.S. 703442501599+$532,100 
MORRISMontville H.S. 553432441654+$592,000 
MORRISParsippany Hills H.S.463422491617+$427,200 
MORRISMorristown H.S. 703382331638+$493,900 
MORRISMount Olive H.S. 623382451575+$375,800 
MORRISMorris Knolls H.S. 573352401577+$370,800 
MORRISParsippany H.S. 353312411561+$427,200 
MORRISRoxbury H.S. 683202201534+$358,500 
MORRISMorris Hills H.S. 573182221538|$370,800 
MORRISDover H.S. 483112271468|$283,700 
MORRISButler H.S. 673092131498|$357,700 
MORRISJefferson Township H.S.543082181479|$348,100 
MORRISBoonton H.S. 463062241424|$418,000 
OCEANMarine Academy of Tech. and Envir. Sciences73992941922+$275,400 
OCEANPerforming Arts Academy973562291469+$275,400 
OCEANPoint Pleasant H.S. 643312341520+$363,700 
OCEANPoint Pleasant Beach H.S.343212281566+$608,600 
OCEANJackson Memorial H.S.503142191529|$338,000 
OCEANBarnegat Township H.S.623132181470|$263,200 
OCEANToms River North H.S.573132151527|$296,200 
OCEANToms River High - East H.S.553122171517|$296,200 
OCEANJackson Liberty H.S.463092181491|$338,000 
OCEANSouthern Regional H.S.413072141500|$355,600 
OCEANNew Egypt High School513062161454|$335,200 
OCEANPinelands Regional H.S.493022011499|$244,200 
OCEANBrick Township H.S. 333002121471|$281,000 
OCEANBrick Township Memorial H.S.452992111451|$281,000 
OCEANToms River High - South H.S.592982061446|$296,200 
OCEANLacey Township H.S. 182942051461|$277,600 
OCEANCentral Regional H.S.322922091420|$197,100 
OCEANManchester Township H.S.392892011429|$143,800 
PASSAICWayne Hills H.S. 293332431589+$479,100 
PASSAICWayne Valley H.S. 303302381579+$479,100 
PASSAICPompton Lakes H.S. 483192301518|$339,800 
PASSAICLakeland Regional H.S.453172241533|$355,600 
PASSAICWest Milford H.S. 593122181507|$324,600 
PASSAICHawthorne H.S. 423042161469|$381,700 
PASSAICPassaic Valley H.S. 443002151432|$379,100 
PASSAICClifton H.S. 452801861420-$349,300 
PASSAICPassaic County Technical Institute122782061312-$361,000 
PASSAICManchester Regional H.S.452771971292-$391,900 
PASSAICInternational H.S. 242531841216-$302,400 
PASSAICRosa Parks Arts H.S. 832481511210-$302,400 
PASSAICPassaic H.S. 252471781183-$341,200 
PASSAICPaterson Charter School For Science/Technology342421671211-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics232331651118-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Government & Public Administration262271691061-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Architecture And Construction Trades36206148983-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Education And Training251951291017-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Culinary Arts Hospitality & Tourism281871101070-$302,400 
PASSAICSchool Of Business Technology Marketing & Finance29174112918-$302,400 
PASSAICAcademy H.S.12162130700-$302,400 
SALEMWoodstown H.S. 483152231521|$264,600 
SALEMPennsville Memorial H.S.632972061435|$180,900 
SALEMArthur P. Schalick H.S.532841851446-$226,700 
SALEMPenns Grove H.S. 532571681265-$160,600 
SALEMSalem H.S. 622441511269-$130,100 
SOMERSETMontgomery H.S. 613782651836+$584,700 
SOMERSETRidge H.S. 673682611738+$633,500 
SOMERSETBernards H.S. 723612611646+$685,900 
SOMERSETWatchung Hills Reg H.S.653572511688+$619,300 
SOMERSETBridgewater-Raritan H.S.493522511691+$438,800 
SOMERSETHillsborough H.S. 563482461674+$406,500 
SOMERSETSomerville H.S. 533312311616+$298,500 
SOMERSETSomerset County Vocational Technical352992171397|$407,300 
SOMERSETFranklin H.S. 572962051426|$336,500 
SOMERSETCentral Jersey College Prep Cs262852141311-$336,500 
SOMERSETManville H.S. 562811961359-$279,300 
SOMERSETBound Brook H.S. 522771851402-$288,400 
SOMERSETNorth Plainfield H.S.362751841381-$288,700 
SUSSEXSparta H.S. 773372341582+$403,600 
SUSSEXKittatinny Regional H.S.1143362311514+$299,100 
SUSSEXLenape Valley Regional H.S.713192231496|$294,000 
SUSSEXVernon Township H.S. 463172261515|$266,900 
SUSSEXHigh Point Regional H.S.553122171509|$331,900 
SUSSEXNewton H.S. 523102151497|$257,200 
SUSSEXWallkill Valley Regional H.S.543092131530|$264,600 
SUSSEXHopatcong H.S. 643062111453|$267,500 
SUSSEXSussex Co. Vocational Technical312852051381-$295,600 
UNIONUnion Cty. Magnet H.S.264112971960+$373,700 
UNIONAcademy For Information Technology253752771743+$373,700 
UNIONAcademy For Performing Arts713712511664+$373,700 
UNIONWestfield H.S. 603712661742+$650,000 
UNIONSummit H.S. 803682641692+$785,900 
UNIONNew Providence H.S. 683592541693+$594,000 
UNIONCranford H.S. 683502521625+$464,300 
UNIONGovernor Livingston H.S.673462441654+$601,400 
UNIONUnion County Vo-Tech H.S.303452571587+$373,700 
UNIONScotch Plains-Fanwood H.S.523352371601+$459,600 
UNIONElizabeth H.S.833242271457+$301,400 
UNIONJonathan Dayton H.S. 463222231524+$437,700 
UNIONArthur L. Johnson H.S.703162281488|$445,500 
UNIONRoselle Park H.S. 583052251393|$310,700 
UNIONDavid Brearley H.S. 793022071436|$360,300 
UNIONUnion H.S. 512771901364-$336,300 
UNIONRahway H.S. 412761851347-$312,200 
UNIONAlexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy502751911283-$301,400 
UNIONLinden H.S. 442571731261-$311,000 
UNIONHillside H.S. 642521641225-$278,600 
UNIONThomas Jefferson Arts Academy722391481183-$301,400 
UNIONThomas A. Edison Career And Technical Academy342271561143-$301,400 
UNIONPlainfield H.S. 242241521130-$279,900 
UNIONAbraham Clark H.S. 212231451192-$258,900 
UNIONAdmiral William F. Halsey Jr. Leadership Academy412191451120-$301,400 
UNIONJohn E. Dwyer Technology Academy462111331121-$301,400 
WARRENNorth Warren Regional H.S.493212321502+$350,600 
WARRENWarren Hills Regional H.S.623192241517|$303,500 
WARRENHackettstown H.S. 343182281513|$290,500 
WARRENBelvidere H.S. 513112131527|$216,200 
WARRENPhillipsburg H.S. 493092101543|$166,000 
WARRENWarren County Voc-Tech102852101365-$281,600