Friday, November 14, 2014

Talk Title: From Physical to Computational Models- The Role of Representation, Experimentation, and Content Knowledge in Pre-Service Teacher Education

Graduate student Michele Mann and Professor Anthony Petrosino will be talking about 2 ongoing research projects they have been working on for the past few months. The first is an examination of pre-service teachers use of physical, diagrammatic, and computational models of the same phenomena. In this case an examination of the 2-teir terrarium activity. What are the constraints, affordances, and points of leverage for elementary science pre-service teachers and their students? 

The second project is an assessment of science content knowledge and process skills of pre-service elementary science teachers (non content majors), pre-service secondary teachers (content majors), and college students in general. Issues of teacher training, general science knowledge and preliminary research results will be discussed. 

Dr. Petrosino and Michele Mann we speak for approximately 40 minutes with 20 minutes allocated for questions and answers. Dr. Petrosino also has a talk scheduled for the spring where he will be presenting data on the critical importance of district and school level leadership and the tenuous nature of district level reform. 

Talk 2

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