Monday, June 16, 2014

Dr. Mark Toback Resigns

Letter to Community from Dr. Mark Toback
June 13, 2014
Dear Residents,
Last night, the Wayne Township Board of Education appointed me to serve as their new superintendent of schools. While I am honored by their endorsement and confidence, I must admit that leaving Hoboken will be bittersweet, due to the many relationships built here over the past few years. Working with a dedicated staff, a talented administrative team, supportive parents, and a thoughtful group of school board members has been rewarding in so many ways.

The Hoboken Public Schools are a wonderful example of what is possible when a community redefines what it expects from the schools. By establishing higher expectations, and then investing in our schools at a level that matches our ambition, we have made significant progress in many areas. Substantial improvements in academic performance, school climate, safety, parental involvement, communication, technology and facilities are visible results of our new expectations. All of these changes will serve as a solid foundation for the work of the next school district leader.

It would be inappropriate for me not to express my appreciation for the support of the Hoboken Board of Education. Working as a trustee is possibly the most thankless volunteer community service job a citizen could undertake. On top of being thankless, it can be quite stressful due to many difficult decisions that must be made. The support from the trustees of your elected Hoboken Board of Education allowed for many positive changes to take place and continues to be a positive influence on the school system.

I will look back fondly on my days of service to this city and I remain appreciative of the opportunity to work as your educational leader. While some residents may not have agreed with me from time to time, know that my primary focus with any decision was the students attending our schools.

I have heard long-time residents and employees say “Once a Redwing, Always a Redwing." As I move along in my profession, I will always be proud to be counted as a Hoboken Redwing.


Mark Toback