Thursday, April 25, 2013

Petrosino and Gustafson (2013). STEM Integration in a Research Based Engineering Curriculum Using Enacted and Prescribed Frames

The following is the acceptance letter for a presentation I will be making in San Francisco this weekend at the American Education Research Association. The session is entitled "Conditions for Establishing and Promoting Collaborative Research in STEM Learning Ecologies" and was organized by Professor Stephanie Knight (Penn State). My paper is titled "STEM Integration in a Research Based Engineering Curriculum Using Enacted and Prescribed Frames" and is co-authored with my colleague Katherine A. Gustafson. -Dr. Petrosino 

STEM Integration in a Research-Based Engineering Curriculum Using Enacted and Prescribed Frames
Paper Type: Roundtable Presentation
Unit / Sub Unit: Division C - Learning and Instruction / Section 1d: Science
Paper Role: Author
In Session: Conditions for Establishing and Promoting Collaborative Research in STEM Learning Ecologies
Scheduled Time: Sat Apr 27 2013, 12:00 to 1:30pmBuilding/Room: Sir Francis Drake / Empire

Dear Stephanie Knight,

I am pleased to inform you that the session submission, "Conditions for Establishing and Promoting Collaborative Research in STEM Learning Ecologies," submitted for consideration for the 2013 AERA Annual Meeting has been accepted, as a roundtable session. Congratulations on this accomplishment. AERA received more than 13,000 submissions this year. To ensure the highest quality sessions at the Annual Meeting, your submission was reviewed by highly qualified reviewers serving on a review panel constituted by the Division C - Learning and Instruction/Section 1d: Science. Reviewers' comments are now available on the All Academic System for your use.  To view comments, type into your web-browser.  Click ‘login’ at the top of the screen, and after entering your username and password, click on ‘My AERA’ located at the top of the screen.  Scroll down to 2013 Annual Meeting Online Portal and click on ‘Track Your Submission’.  Underneath the Submitter Menu, cli
ck on ‘Track a Paper or Session’.

All participants in your session will be copied on this notification. However, I encourage you, as session organizer, to share this exciting news with your colleagues. The online searchable program, which will include information on the date, time, and location of your session, will be available in early February.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all participants in an accepted session (excluding the chair and any discussants) are required to submit a paper or commentary paper by April 5, 2013, the deadline for uploading final papers.  Papers or commentary papers for symposia are not limited in length but may be shorter than final full papers.  Commentary papers need to address all of the elements required for paper submissions. The All Academic System will  reopen in February so that presenters at your session may upload a copy of their paper or commentary paper. Access to uploaded papers is available to all session participants. 

AERA in addition encourages presenters of papers or commentary papers to participate voluntarily in the AERA Online Paper Repository. You and all presenters in your session will receive detailed information about the Online Repository when you receive notification that the All Academic System is open to upload final papers.

Copies of all 2013 Annual Meeting program related e-mail correspondence sent from the All Academic System are available online in your personal "Message Center." This link is available below the Submitter menu of the All Academic System once you have signed in. 

The Early Bird Pre-registration and hotel reservation for the 2013 Annual Meeting will open in mid-December. Please plan on registering early to take advantage of the early bird rate and select the hotel of your choice. 

If you have any questions, please contact the AERA Meetings Team at or 202-238-3200.  We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.


Kristen Renn
AERA General Program Chair