Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If she leaves, Hoboken loses

The following letter was printed in the Hoboken Reporter on June 26, 2011 in reference to the tenure decision on Theater Director Ms. Paula Ohaus.

Dear Editor:

I am enraged that when our little town, for all its problems and struggles, is blessed with a person as fine as Paula Ohaus, who brings something of transcendent value to this community over a long period of time and has a positive effect that will span generations, becomes the victim of small minds and petty attacks. Ms Ohaus has raised the level of quality of our public school system and what it brings to the students and to the community. And it's very sad that some people who seem to lack the capacity to appreciate her contribution are making her fight for her life over a bunch ridiculous, trumped up charges. She will come through this okay one way or another. She is a fine person and a gifted educator and director and will triumph over this. But if she leaves the public school system, Hoboken will be the loser.

David Cogswell

Picture: Original site of Carlo's Bakery. Schoning's Bakery served Hoboken residents for many years and was especially known for their crumb cake.