Monday, May 9, 2011

Hoboken Board of Education Meeting: May 10, 2011 7 PM 1115 Clinton Street- Swearing in/Reorganization/Non-Renewals

This month's meeting of the Hoboken Board of Education will include the swearing in of three recently elected members to the Board. In addition, a number of online blogs including Hoboken 411 and Hoboken Patch are reporting that the Hoboken Board of Education is planning to change the notification date for non-tenure teacher renewal (from April 30 to May 15) as well as not to renew the contracts of six non-tenured employees. Generally, this is also a meeting of reorganization where Board Members will be selected by their peers to serve on a number of committees, subcommittees, and general Board of Education leadership.

There is also a grass roots campaign to save the jobs of a few specific teachers that is being spearheaded by Hoboken Republicans. Click here for more information:
To save these teachers—and their respective centers of excellence—please attend Tuesday's 7 PM meeting, located on 1115 Clinton Street. For more information, please contact us via
This meeting promises to be a well attended meeting so best to get there early.

May 10 2011 Public Notice of Meeting

Stated Session May 10 2011 Hoboken BOE Agenda

picture: Wordle taken from War on Excellence letter by Hoboken Republicans.