Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Functionality to "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project"

A number of subscribers and readers to my blog have suggested, requested, and lately demanded ;-) that I add some increased capabilities to this site. Primarily, the requests have centered around making it easier to share individual posts on my site with other social media outlets as well as the ability to email posts to friends, colleagues, and family members.

Starting today, readers of this blog will be able to do the following:

1) Email a particular post
2) Immediately Blogger a post
3) Share a post to Twitter
4) Share a post to Facebook
5) Share a post to Google Buzz

This functionality has been added to ALL previous posts to "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" as well as posts when this blog was known as "The Hoboken Curriculum Project" and, of course, will be included on this and all future posts.

Also, remember, as always, Reader Comments are allowed- but this blog is moderated and accepts no advertisements.

Some people have asked about the "Recent PageViews" feature-- basically, it is the number of "hits" to this blog for the previous 90 days (my own "hits" do not count) ;-)

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