Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Trail of Legal Documents and Letters Surrounding Hoboken's Permanent Superintendent Hire

This posts contains the Hoboken Board of Education's petition against the State of NJ (December 9, 2010); a letter from the Mayor of Hoboken to the Governor of New Jersey seeking intervention December 9, 2010); and the NJ Attorney General's Response to the Board of Education's emergent application.

All documents are worth reading and will be used eventually as professional development material by me but the core of what is going on is the Hoboken Board of Education is saying that there are extenuating circumstances that make a ruling necessary on the hiring of a permanent Superintendent because there is, in essence, an emergency (the potential of having no superintendent come the end of January, 2011). The Attorney General for the State of New Jersey argues that permission to file an emergent motion should be denied by the judge since there is not a genuine emergency. In fact, the Attorney General states that the Hoboken Board of Education can appoint another interim Superintendent without Executive County Superintendent review. The Attorney General also points out that the Hoboken BoE can appoint their choice of permanent Superintendent (Dr. Toback) as interim as first mentioned here a few posts ago.

There is also included a letter that the Mayor of Hoboken sent to the Governor of New Jersey concerning this issue. There has been some issue surrounding the letter. For an excellent reporting of specifics, interested readers should click HERE to read a story on Hoboken Patch:

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